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05.30.2012 - ❂ -oo2
glassworkgenius: (no way!)
Mac Anu's resident sunny Harvest Cleric kid has been wandering about even more than usual today. He had a determined look on his face, and spedwalk to and from various stores.

A. [Maybe you're just around the area, or inside the store? While Taiyou smiled and thanked the merchant NPC's for their assistance, he looked pretty disappointed once he got out the door. What exactly is he looking for so fervently?]

B. [Some hours later, he's sitting at the fountain, fumbling with what seems to be cloth and a length of rope. He's trying to tie the cloth up, but why? His concentration is so strong he doesn't notice anyone staring or approaching.]

C. [Even later later(!!!) before you can see it coming a ball of cloth is flying through the air at your general direction. (Don't worry, it probably won't hurt very much on the offchance you get hit. Let's just hope for Taiyou's sake the person who gets hit isn't pissy...)]

benevolence: (pic#2962228)
[another day in Mac Anu, though the sun seems to be...a bit more vibrant and bright. for some reason. who knows.

but for those roaming about, you may come across posters on various walls of the city, through all the districts, and maybe even tacked to a couple shop doors. it's an advertisement for a new guild; each drawn by hand.

you see: it had taken a bit of time, but Amaterasu had finally gotten about to creating her own guild in The World. and now she plans on getting the word about it to everyone who may be looking for a guild - or, even those in one, a secondary place for them to come to if they would so desire. the treasury is stocked full of various items gathered from her adventures. it was all set up.

now to recruit!

scenario a. it doesn't really matter where you may be, whether it's outside the warp gate area, the main fountain area of Mac Anu, or one of the other districts of the city. Amaterasu is there with a pleasant smile on her face, looking quite pleased and happy. did you happen to see the posters about the city?

are you interested in joining the guild? or maybe you just want to make some small talk. well, whichever. she'll be happy.

scenario b. on the bridge the connects the Chaos Gate to the Town Square, there is a grunty sitting on the rail and just relaxing. occasionally reaching to the bag at its side and pulling out a meat bun to partake in the joys that is eating.

this dog ears, red marked little grunty really should be doing some advertisement for the guild and getting people to join. but. eh, that can come later. it's quite happy enough to just sit there and enjoy the view.]
05.20.2012 - 1st Black Feather
stolemylook: (...I have no idea.)
[There's a Pit wandering around Mac Anu, not looking very pleased. In fact, unless Pit decided to change his wardrobe, dye his hair, and get contacts, he looks more like a mirror image of Pit.]

[Though, he's just as confused.]

...did one of you goddesses send me here? If so, this isn't very funny.

[...and talking to himself.]

[Though, admittedly, he's not talking to himself intentionally. He's expecting an answer from people that aren't there, and he's just realizing this, if the expression on his face is any clue.]



[...well this was awkward.]
knitwit: (damned)
[ Ah, another game and another chance to lose. It was all tugging at Rose Lalonde's cloaked collar; an obvious weight that nearly caused the collected and refined girl to lose her cool. As she had traversed through Mac Anu, learning as much as she could and memorizing the intricate pathways leading to each specific shop, she continued to seek out more.

At the very most, Rose refused to be 'lost' here.

Tugging her over sized book upon a thin silk strap against her shoulder, the pale girl continues onward. A moment or two passed until her bright eyes landed upon the docked ship.

She would glance around, seek an answer for a question she hadn't even asked yet. With a soft clear of her voice, among the few strangers that lurked the area, she spoke. ]

Pardon me for the intrusion, but does anyone have a clue of if this ship is set to sail or is it merely a decorative piece?

[ She noticed the rust upon the spikes that dug into the chain links which held the ship in place. It looked as if it hadn't left the dock in quite sometime. ]

Or at the very least, where it leads to on its voyage?

[ Curiosity killed the cat, it seemed, or perhaps it would give it some proper closure or allies. ]
miraculousfate: (Sadness ☼ All Puppy Eyes And Innocent)
[Know that moment when you're pretty sure you were just one place, and now you're in a completely different one? And you have no idea where that new place is, but you're pretty sure you're lost? Vanille is having that moment right now.

Which is why there's one perky red head, wandering around Mac Anu, venturing down by the docks and exploring the town square. She doesn't seem to be in a hurry, but she does seem to be enjoying the nice weather. And if she does happen to see a friendly face, she'll stop and ask them for where she is, and maybe for some information.

And every once in a while, she'll stop, cup her hands over her mouth, and call out a name, usually a different one each time, but all of them just as loud, and at least every other one is Fang.

Someone help the poor lost girl before someone mistakes her for a mental patient?]
05.20.2012 - 01 Meteor Descends
minetodecide: (Ryusei - shocked/confused)
[In the main square of Mac Anu, another lost and confused soul wondering around. He couldn't help but stare at every beast-race that passed him, every item he saw, everything! It was all new and foreign to him. He appeared to be an Adept Rouge, though he didn't exactly dress the part.

His eyes dart from shop to shop, person to person, house to house. He's too confused to really start talking to anyone right now, not until he relaxes which might take a while.]

(W-w-where the hell am I?? Humans with animal ears? It looks to realistic to be a costume.....How did I get here?? I remember class ending....then I went over to the Rabbit Hutch, opened the door then.........then......I wound up here?)

[His thoughts are in shambles, and his memory is blurry. He rubs his head with both hands.]

Just what's going on???
05.10.2012 - The Second Ideal
solveforn: (☯ Cherry red)
[Lately, N can be seen at the Chaos Gate, warping in an out regularly. He appears to not be staying long in Mac Anu, and if he is, it is to simply resupply before he goes to a new area.

He hasn't been speaking to anyone as of late, and has not been forming a party as he visits areas. He certainly has plenty of Member Addresses at this point, so what could he be doing all by himself?

Nevertheless, he will not turn down anyone who wishes to join him on a trip to a field.]
05.05.2012 - 002
hedgephones: (let me go set me f r e e •)
[ So Neku's been out around the surrounding areas of the city, trying his best to learn how to fight with these stupid swords, as opposed to the Psychs from back home.

He had always been a quick learner, one to easily adapt, but this was proving to be a challenge. Two swords at once? Trying not to accidentally slice open his arm as he swung them? Attacking some weird monsters and stuff? Yeah, not what he was used to. He may be swearing under his breath as he defeats a few really low level things, working up a sweat in the process. Why wasn't this becoming any easier, damnit?!

Care to join him in said training?
04.28.2012 - 1st
diedforyoursins: (♯moon vampire)
[so it would probably be smart to be spending his time here leveling up and getting stronger and all that, but kaworu has actually done very little real gaming. most of his time so far has been spent exploring mac anu thoroughly, people-watching and marveling over the little things.

in this case, the "little thing" happens to be the fountain in the center of the city. he's sitting on the edge of it, legs hanging in over the side without care of how wet it was making his pantlegs. he keeps dipping his hands into the water, drawing some out between cupped palms and staring intensely at the liquid as it ran over the sides and back into the fountain. he's been sitting here for quite some time now, so feel free to bother if you're beginning to grow concerned for his mental health -- or if you just want to try shoving him in or whatever, that's cool too.]
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