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08.20.2012 - ✎ Puzzle 001
vengefulyears: (pic#4550841)
[Action for Mac Anu]

[Hugging his grimoire to his chest, Clive wanders aimlessly about the unfamiliar city, taking in all the sights. Although he is rather overwhelmed by the unexpected change in location (and attire), he has to admit that this is a very beautiful city. He's never seen anything like it in his entire life.]

It beats being stuck in a prison cell, at least...

[He lets out a sigh and looks around for a bench to sit on; carrying this giant book around gets tiring really quickly. Once he's seated, he sets his grimoire down beside him and digs out a strange device from his pouch. Whatever it's supposed to be, he's rather impressed with the sleek design. Clive spends a few minutes just examining the object before he presses his index finger on the "Touch me!" message on the screen. To his surprise, the screen actually changes to show some sort of menu. It seems that touching the corresponding icons also takes him to different screens.]

What a fascinating little piece of technology. I never would have even imagined that it was possible to build such a device.

[Until he figures out what he should do next, Clive is perfectly content with just sitting here and messing around with the Relic. Touch screen technology hasn't been invented yet in his world, so he'll be entertained by it for quite a while. Anyone is free to bother him, of course.]


[Once he discovers the public board feature, he decides to post a very simple message, which... actually takes him some time to type out because what are touch screen keyboards.]

Could someone explain to me what's going on here?
06.16.2012 - 01
failedrescue: (Cutscene: My Lord.)
[Well, this is a dilemma.

He was fairly certain he didn't pass through a Gateway. He had absolutely no reason to when he was certain they have been sealed now. However, it was clear that he somehow did on his way to deliver a message to Sieg, because how else could he have ended up in a completely unfamiliar place like this? Not to mention, whichever gate he must have entered in wasn't in this city despite him not recalling any other place, because he can't seem to get out at all. At least, not the first ten times he had tried crossing the gate he saw.

And he was running late. It was unforgivable for him to be this late.]
I should have been more careful. If I had just kept in mind the possibility that the Gateways were still open, I wouldn't have let my guard down.

[But what can he do now?

Soon enough, he may approach the closest person he sees, deciding that the best way to go about this is well... not to panic.]

Pardon me, but could I request some assistance?
06.13.2012 - 1
shininghero: ('o')
[Usually Shirou would have thought about this long ago. However, between the very odd world that he was in, and the fact that somehow a week had disappeared in the blink of an eye, literally, it had taken him about a month or so before the thought of level grinding occurred to him. He had been busily spending most of his time beforehand exploring the town, fields and dungeons and understanding the leveling system and weapons.

Now armed with a fairly good understanding of the leveling system, it was time to actually gain some levels. He wanted to reach level 20 as soon as possible so he could access his cell phone and check the status of his demons and abilities. There was a slight problem though... The Shadow Warlock class was magic based, and he probably didn't have the Repel Physical skill equipped, so if he went alone, things would get nasty fast. He would have to find some party members to grind with.

Today, you may be approached by the blue eyed Shadow Warlock, who was going around asking everyone the same question.]

Would you like to join me in level grinding?
06.13.2012 - 01st Hash Rap
cawcawmthrfckrs: (Dude wtf)
[Man oh man, it's one thing to be playing a MMO. It's another thing entirely to actually be part of one. Again.

On the other hand, Davesprite has his everything from the waist down back to something more human. That is definitely an improvement. And he gets bonus wings, so now it's like he's some sort of weird angel with orange feathers.]

I had to have died. That's the only fuckin' possibility. I somehow died while playin' that shitty Ghostbusters game and went to steampunk heaven.

[He sighs and shrugs. There's not much he can do about it if that's the case. The best thing he can do is get some information. That there are even people around after a year of only seeing two godly humans is…pitiful, to say the least. He's happy to have a break from salamanders and nakodiles and other sprites and shit.

Wow Davesprite's getting really sidetracked over here. He's just…gonna go walk up to a person.]

Sup. Where do I sign up as God's personal secretary? Obviously, it's my new role in existence if I've got fuckin' angel wings outta my back like a kid who got spliced with goddamn bird genes as a baby.
05.30.2012 - ❂ -oo2
glassworkgenius: (no way!)
Mac Anu's resident sunny Harvest Cleric kid has been wandering about even more than usual today. He had a determined look on his face, and spedwalk to and from various stores.

A. [Maybe you're just around the area, or inside the store? While Taiyou smiled and thanked the merchant NPC's for their assistance, he looked pretty disappointed once he got out the door. What exactly is he looking for so fervently?]

B. [Some hours later, he's sitting at the fountain, fumbling with what seems to be cloth and a length of rope. He's trying to tie the cloth up, but why? His concentration is so strong he doesn't notice anyone staring or approaching.]

C. [Even later later(!!!) before you can see it coming a ball of cloth is flying through the air at your general direction. (Don't worry, it probably won't hurt very much on the offchance you get hit. Let's just hope for Taiyou's sake the person who gets hit isn't pissy...)]

orokamononya: (✠ vale tudo)
[Anyone who decides to go to this cave? May end up finding one very frustrated student council member. Never mind that he's lost, he's been ending up with random enemy encounters, enough to tire him out faster than he liked. That, and no matter how many times he uses Tsubaki explosion, for some reason it never seems as strong as he remembered.

And who the hell designed this place?!]

Just where is the exit of this place?!

[OOC: Sob I hope I am doing this right.]
05.18.2012 - first☆;
meteorblade: (pic#3445727)
[there's an edge punisher leaning against the wall at the big room where the chaos gate is. his weapon is a large broadsword literally larger than he is.

the redhead isn't doing anything, just watching the giant ring of the chaos gate spin. maybe he's waiting for someone.

or something.

who knows.]
05.17.2012 - 1ST WINDY THING
ghostytrickster: (◊ anxious)
[ John stammered back. An almost lightness to his step. The flick reaper armor was much too big for him and he looked displaced and awkward in it. He was trying to sort things out. John moved in animated and almost cartoon like motions as he paced (he wished he could float) nervously. His steps a little too wide, his arms swinging a little too widely. Think John, think. ]

[ He does a quart turn. A fist turned side wards slammed into an open palm when he figures it out. ]

I'm in the wrong video game!

05.11.2012 - First Shot
tank_sniper: (SKILL > Glare)
[There is yet another new and confused face wandering around Mac Anu today. This time, it is a petite Steam Gunner. Currently her attention is split multiple ways; sometimes she is checking her Relic with a look of frustration, others she is looking intently at her surroundings as if it may clue her in on some big secret. And on some occasions, she will stare directly at your character, almost expectantly. At any rate, it is clear she will not be the first to approach, so that will be up to the other to initiate.

However… once approached, she is quick to fire off a question before any pleasantries can so much as begin.

Where is this place? It isn’t GGO… But it can’t be SAO, either.

…Is it?

[Her voice is calm with only a slight tinge of suppressed fear. Whatever it is she’s saying, it must be some cause for concern. Why else would someone work so hard to control the tremors in their voice?]
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