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ladieswhodresslikemen: (smile)
[Stop by Δ Choosing Unlimited Hand Song today and you may find someone sprawled out on one of the bridges, wearing a pendant or medallion of some sort.

S/he? looks lost, but not in the sense that she doesn't know where she is, but more that this is something she'd been missing for quite some time, and is busy remembering the events of another history.

Too busy, perhaps, to notice a wayward monster? Or are you just curious?]
07.26.2012 - Third Shot
tank_sniper: (ITEM > Hecate II)
[Shinon is up to her usual level grinding! But this time she's armed with a new weapon. To fully test it out within the restraints of The World, she can be found in a couple of different situations.]


[Maybe you just spotted that group of monsters and were about to go in for the kill. Or maybe you were just enjoying the scenery - it is a lovely day out in this area, after all.

Either way, that group of monsters? The biggest of them just got a large hole blown into its head, even though there doesn't seem to be anybody nearby to make the attack. Before long, the remaining two follow suit.

Those who are observant may be able to trace the shots to a small figure on a different island, armed with a sniper rifle nearly as long as she is tall. Want to go investigate?


[While she's still carrying that same weapon along with her, she seems to have paused in an empty area for the moment. It's hard to say whether she's just resting, thinking, or both. Now would be a great time to catch her for the curious or talkative, though!]
ladieswhodresslikemen: (how dare you)
[An item appeared in Faris' inventory with some fanfare. She had, luckily for her, won that raffle from the other night and had received the spoils.

When she retrieved it, it turned out to be a loud, large motorcycle-like vehicle. However, she has not seen a motorcycle in her life. Ancient Egyptian Ronkan laser beams she could handle. Not this.

Having figured that maybe she could ride it, she got on and immediately started going way too fast. Mac Anu is a small city so it's only a matter of time before she runs into something... or someone.

In short, there is now a purple-haired androgyne barreling at you at high speed. What do?

(Yes, "hitch a ride" is a valid and hilarious option. Please do!)]
greatcleavage: (confused)
[After a productive day out in the fields earning money, Roy heads back down the streets of Mac Anu, his arms laden with sacks and piled high with -- groceries. Did he really expect to eat them all by himself? Of course not -- he had guild members to feed!]

[But the fighter Edge Punisher had a faint frown on his face as he made his way carefully to the @Home...]

I hope someone can figure out some way to cook all of this...
06.01.2012 - ◎ Act 1
greaterspeed: (I can't tell what's wrong & what's right)
[in the room where the Chaos Gate is situated crouches a young, blue Twin Blade. He's far enough to one side to be out of the way, but not enough to be easily ignored. See, Sonic liked to be at the center of attention, it feeds that ego of his and well... He just liked to be social whenever fancy struck him.

What he didn't like was the idea of not being able to defend himself.

The fact that he was still a low level Twin Blade certainly did not help with the whole 'independent' thing. Which has led him to the boy crouching by himself moaning about the indignity of it all]

AAAAAAAUGH! I'm not made for RPGs! I can't do this level thing, got knocked out by a goblin. A MOOK! How does that even happen?? I've taken down giant death robots, angry water Gods, gigantic lasers, more killer robots and even more angry Gods and what happens?

[he throws his hands up in the air in exasperation. A few NPCs take this as a cue to exit the stage] A stupid Goblin knocks me out for an hour!




Then Sonic just covers his face with his hands with a whine, ears folded against his head in embarrassment. In a small, muffled voice;]

I'm sorry, I promise to never do this RPG thing again now can I please go back to being able to beat things up just by jumping on them?
05.22.2012 - Guild the Lily
greatcleavage: (time to beat on a bard!)
[A very pleased-looking Roy Greenhilt steps out of the @Home doors in Mac Anu. He quite deliberately tucks his membership card into his inventory, then sets out for the Town Square.]

[If you know him, he won't hesitant to approach -- and if you don't, you're welcome to approach him anyway.]

[Once he gets to the Town Square, though, that's when things take an odd turn. From his inventory, he produces a fake beard, an eyepatch, an oversized helmet that casts his face into shadow, a billowing cloak that completely covers his body, and a bag that actually has "CAUTION: CONTENTS EXTREMELY MYSTERIOUS" written on the side. Quickly donning the clothing and accessories, he slings the bag over his shoulder, then produces a cane to lean on heavily.]

[Roy learned long ago that the key to attracting fellow adventurers is to look as much like an important NPC questgiver as possible.]

[And it is time to recruit for his guild.]
05.11.2012 - First Shot
tank_sniper: (SKILL > Glare)
[There is yet another new and confused face wandering around Mac Anu today. This time, it is a petite Steam Gunner. Currently her attention is split multiple ways; sometimes she is checking her Relic with a look of frustration, others she is looking intently at her surroundings as if it may clue her in on some big secret. And on some occasions, she will stare directly at your character, almost expectantly. At any rate, it is clear she will not be the first to approach, so that will be up to the other to initiate.

However… once approached, she is quick to fire off a question before any pleasantries can so much as begin.

Where is this place? It isn’t GGO… But it can’t be SAO, either.

…Is it?

[Her voice is calm with only a slight tinge of suppressed fear. Whatever it is she’s saying, it must be some cause for concern. Why else would someone work so hard to control the tremors in their voice?]
04.22.2012 - >One
ladyofruinmode: (10)
[If you're anywhere near the center of Mac Anu, you may have a Harvest Cleric approaching you.]

Excuse me? Could I possibly ask you a favor?

04.22.2012 - ♩ one.
adarable: (♮♩)
[ There is a girl in the middle of Mac Anu's square who looks a little bit confused. Every so often, her large hat begins to slide off her head, and she has to adjust it again. She has her Relic in hand, and although she's learned to use it properly, she still. Really doesn't understand anything that's going on. Periodically, she looks in different directions before glancing away, as if she wants to ask someone what's going on but is too nervous to.

Help her? ]
04.18.2012 - ♘ ONE
cavalries: (ew don't touch my hand)
[ If you have noticed, she has been wandering around Mac Anu for quite some time, also constantly checking her relic.

Eventually she takes a stop perhaps near you or across your way...

How peculiar. There should be some way to exit. [ Playing around the relic, going through the menu, etc. etc. etc. She knows very well what all of this looks like, but doesn't particularly have any experience with... games. ]

I wonder who has summoned me to this place... Certainly, it must be for a great cause. [ Entertaining the thought, it would explain very well why she is here ad unable to leave. She'll nod to herself now. Go ahead and notice how elegant she may look, overhear her words, or make fun of her short stature. Nevertheless, she is there standing and may or may not look over on whim. ]
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