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03. The Warrior of Fire

[Stop by Δ Choosing Unlimited Hand Song today and you may find someone sprawled out on one of the bridges, wearing a pendant or medallion of some sort.

S/he? looks lost, but not in the sense that she doesn't know where she is, but more that this is something she'd been missing for quite some time, and is busy remembering the events of another history.

Too busy, perhaps, to notice a wayward monster? Or are you just curious?]
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[If Roy approaches, it's somewhat hesitantly, keeping an eye peeled for any rampaging steam bikes that might decide to flatten a fighter for some gratuitous XP. When none lunge out of the surroundings eager for his blood, he relaxes a bit.]

No deadly vehicles today, I take it?
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That's good to hear. [And she doesn't seem to be glaring at him, so hopefully that whole, uh, incident is truly forgiven.] You look about a million hexes away, though. Is everything okay?
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Arbitrary units of measurement, generally favored by wargamers. I'm more used to square grids.

Good things back, I hope. That look was more 'reflective' than 'joyful'.
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Important in a personal plot sort of sense, important in a valuable tool sort of sense, or important in a backstory-relevant sense?
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Oh... sorry, I didn't mean to pry. Pendants are just a common trigger for quests. Artifacts that have to be taken to a forgotten tomb, or the secret contents protected from an army of ghouls, or whatnot.
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Oh, a family heirloom! I think those are my favorite, even if they aren't always plot-relevant. Although they usually are.

[Roy comes a bit closer, curious to look at it (if he'll be allowed, of course).]

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[Taking a break from whatever he was doing, he was hoping he'd get a good stalking spot viewing spot from the bridge, only to find it occupied already.

It's a hit and miss apparently.]

...Is something the matter?
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So, staring at nothing while lying on a bridge is "fine"?
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The middle of a walkway is not the best place for that.
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The floor isn't much of a hiding place either.
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Perhaps you wouldn't be bothered in the typical nap kind of area?
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In a root town where there's no monster spawns for one.

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[He was a bit hesitant to approach, given that their last meeting was pretty...dangerous. He double checks to make sure that there's no bike around before approaching.]

Something the matter?