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splinterself: (Default)
[Dirk had decided to be productive. Ish. (Productiveish? That ain't even something tha-...and that led to a chain of thought he decided to not climb down for the time being. His responder had better not be letting him down, though.)

In a way he had gotten the idea from Faris. If the pirate use could magic from crystals (he wasn't sure he wanted to know) and the game they were in had no problems, then there was no reason why he couldn't use puppetkind or fncysntakind. It wasn't like he had forgotten how to use either of them. No reason at all.

Well, except for not having any puppets or fancy Santas to weaponize.

He had obtained the materials through a long and arduous process which - frankly speaking - didn't really matter. It was pretty boring, as was him finding a quieter part of Mac Anu and starting work, so we'll skip to the interesting part: Dirk had gotten a little bit sidetracked and was putting the finishing touch on a plush which was disconcertedly well done considering what he had to work with. (It was pretty sad, seriously. It felt like he was trying to build a robot and only had a chisel and a rock to work with.) In his defense, the idea was fucking amusing and he was going to roll with it for now, and as he turned it over in his hands to make sure he didn't miss a spot he had to admit...it ain't his best work, but it ain't the worst he's done either.

Enter someone else. You? Why not. If he knows you, assume that if he sees you he'll give you a nod of recognition, a sort of silent broed sup. If he's related to you or you're somebody from back home, he'd give you a hey, a greeting with your name. There may be a slight amused smirk accompanying the above. Your call.]
05.20.2012 - 1st Black Feather
stolemylook: (...I have no idea.)
[There's a Pit wandering around Mac Anu, not looking very pleased. In fact, unless Pit decided to change his wardrobe, dye his hair, and get contacts, he looks more like a mirror image of Pit.]

[Though, he's just as confused.]

...did one of you goddesses send me here? If so, this isn't very funny.

[...and talking to himself.]

[Though, admittedly, he's not talking to himself intentionally. He's expecting an answer from people that aren't there, and he's just realizing this, if the expression on his face is any clue.]



[...well this was awkward.]
05.16.2012 - eins.
stupidshinji: (♛ can't even cry)
[ It takes awhile, getting used to light again, when the last thing Asuka remembers is a dark sky and an even darker sea, sand beneath her back and a wide-eyed Shinji staring at her. But she doesn't awaken to his face, but rather a slew of unfamiliar ones, coming and going, coming and going. She blinks a few times, sits up and instinctively presses a hand to her forehead. Dizzy. She gives herself a few more minutes before trying to rise. Everything is unsteady. Everything is unfamiliar.

She already hates it.

Once she's (relatively) certain of her footing, she hobbles upright, loose bandages wound around her head and arms shifting. Tries to ascertain where she's been taken. She opens her mouth to speak, but no words come out. Her throat feels hoarse. Everything is still fresh in her mind. Unit 02...

Her attention is immediately drawn to the bright ring in the corner of the room, and without even thinking, she steps through it. The world disappears in a flash, replaced by a bustling city. She should be surprised, but isn't. Too tired to care. Dully, her one good eye crawls to the friendly sign posted in front of her. ]

Mac Anu, huh?

[ Answers. That's what she needs. So the next unfortunate soul is getting tripped from behind with an insistent boot shoved into their back as soon as they hit the ground. ]

Hey, you. You're going to answer a few questions for me, got it?

[ She sounds like she means business. Probably not a good idea to argue. ]
05.14.2012 - First Rose ❀
confelicitous: (Disbelief)
[Mac Anu certainly has been busy lately with all the confused people running around, and Euphie has been no exception. She's wandered out of the Chaos Gate already, head looking every which way for anyone she might recognize. But the more she looks, the more distressed she looks.

The fashions weren't anything she recognized from Japan or Britannia. Hell, that giant hat on her head isn't anything she owns. And the people and peculiar creatures wandering around...

This Princess ain't in Kansas anymore.

It isn't until she's reached the center square that she decides to reach out to someone. Anyone. Wishing desperately that Suzaku or even her brother were here.]

Excuse me. I'm sorry, but I can just have a minute of your time?

05.10.2012 - The Second Ideal
solveforn: (☯ Cherry red)
[Lately, N can be seen at the Chaos Gate, warping in an out regularly. He appears to not be staying long in Mac Anu, and if he is, it is to simply resupply before he goes to a new area.

He hasn't been speaking to anyone as of late, and has not been forming a party as he visits areas. He certainly has plenty of Member Addresses at this point, so what could he be doing all by himself?

Nevertheless, he will not turn down anyone who wishes to join him on a trip to a field.]
04.28.2012 - 1st
diedforyoursins: (♯moon vampire)
[so it would probably be smart to be spending his time here leveling up and getting stronger and all that, but kaworu has actually done very little real gaming. most of his time so far has been spent exploring mac anu thoroughly, people-watching and marveling over the little things.

in this case, the "little thing" happens to be the fountain in the center of the city. he's sitting on the edge of it, legs hanging in over the side without care of how wet it was making his pantlegs. he keeps dipping his hands into the water, drawing some out between cupped palms and staring intensely at the liquid as it ran over the sides and back into the fountain. he's been sitting here for quite some time now, so feel free to bother if you're beginning to grow concerned for his mental health -- or if you just want to try shoving him in or whatever, that's cool too.]
04.23.2012 - Second Mist
doingthemistything: (Default)
[As always, Kirino's out and about.... and not particularly doing much, it seems. He's just wandering from the looks of it, then pulling out his relic every now and then to take a look.

Eventually, he sits down against a wall, staring up at the sky in thought. Who wants to bother him?]

04.20.2012 - • one
hedgephones: (pic#3034152)
[ Considering it's a relatively nice day, Neku has wandered down to the Harbor to watch the shops and ships busily work.

That and mostly relax and stare out at the water. He had considered doing something more productive today, something a bit more helpful to his overall cause but he simply.. ended up sitting on the edge, feet dangling off the edge.

Completely oblivious to the world around him. He may be nodding off at some points too. How convenient. ]
04.20.2012 - FIRST.
restriction: by lj user victorisham (Default)
   [ Frustration was radiating right off of the prince as his fingers grazed the peculiar object in the palm of his hand. How did this end up here --? He looked around wearily, holding the relic with a clenched fist. The rousing suspicion was murdering him and his heart pattered. The prince took a few tentative steps forward.  ] 
This is ridiculous, I do not wish to be here. 
[ He took a deep breath in, shutting his eyes for a moment.  The prince made a small attempt to maintain composure, withholding his emotions. It felt all so useless to him. Plopping down in one of the more secluded areas of Mac Anu, he dipped his head. ]  
04.18.2012 - ♘ ONE
cavalries: (ew don't touch my hand)
[ If you have noticed, she has been wandering around Mac Anu for quite some time, also constantly checking her relic.

Eventually she takes a stop perhaps near you or across your way...

How peculiar. There should be some way to exit. [ Playing around the relic, going through the menu, etc. etc. etc. She knows very well what all of this looks like, but doesn't particularly have any experience with... games. ]

I wonder who has summoned me to this place... Certainly, it must be for a great cause. [ Entertaining the thought, it would explain very well why she is here ad unable to leave. She'll nod to herself now. Go ahead and notice how elegant she may look, overhear her words, or make fun of her short stature. Nevertheless, she is there standing and may or may not look over on whim. ]
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