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06.16.2012 - 01
failedrescue: (Cutscene: My Lord.)
[Well, this is a dilemma.

He was fairly certain he didn't pass through a Gateway. He had absolutely no reason to when he was certain they have been sealed now. However, it was clear that he somehow did on his way to deliver a message to Sieg, because how else could he have ended up in a completely unfamiliar place like this? Not to mention, whichever gate he must have entered in wasn't in this city despite him not recalling any other place, because he can't seem to get out at all. At least, not the first ten times he had tried crossing the gate he saw.

And he was running late. It was unforgivable for him to be this late.]
I should have been more careful. If I had just kept in mind the possibility that the Gateways were still open, I wouldn't have let my guard down.

[But what can he do now?

Soon enough, he may approach the closest person he sees, deciding that the best way to go about this is well... not to panic.]

Pardon me, but could I request some assistance?
miraculousfate: (Sadness ☼ All Puppy Eyes And Innocent)
[Know that moment when you're pretty sure you were just one place, and now you're in a completely different one? And you have no idea where that new place is, but you're pretty sure you're lost? Vanille is having that moment right now.

Which is why there's one perky red head, wandering around Mac Anu, venturing down by the docks and exploring the town square. She doesn't seem to be in a hurry, but she does seem to be enjoying the nice weather. And if she does happen to see a friendly face, she'll stop and ask them for where she is, and maybe for some information.

And every once in a while, she'll stop, cup her hands over her mouth, and call out a name, usually a different one each time, but all of them just as loud, and at least every other one is Fang.

Someone help the poor lost girl before someone mistakes her for a mental patient?]
05.14.2012 - 01 Hope
hoperaider: (Confused dot com)
[It's very disconcerting when one moment you're talking to a figment of your imagination and then suddenly being somewhere else entirely. Jake stands there dumbly for a moment, quite confused at what just happened. He gets over it long enough to get out of the way of the whatever behind him, since there seems to be a bit of traffic here! Jeez, he's never seen so many people in one place like this before.]

Oh for the love of Christ, now what?

[Dammit, he had been in a somewhat important discussion with the Dirk from his memory! Oh, well. First thing to do is to gather information, so he approaches the first friendly person he sees. He'll get excited about being in a new place in a little bit. Right now, it just seems like more Dream Bubble Bullshit, although he certainly doesn't remember anything at all like this occurring before.]

Excuse me, chap! Might I have a word? [He will continue on regardless of the answer. Jake is determined to get information, gosh darn it!]

I think I've gotten myself lost or something. [Jake chuckles a little sheepishly.] This place certainly doesn't look familiar to me, and it seems that my original clothes have been, erm, replaced. Is that normal around here?
04.20.2012 - • one
hedgephones: (pic#3034152)
[ Considering it's a relatively nice day, Neku has wandered down to the Harbor to watch the shops and ships busily work.

That and mostly relax and stare out at the water. He had considered doing something more productive today, something a bit more helpful to his overall cause but he simply.. ended up sitting on the edge, feet dangling off the edge.

Completely oblivious to the world around him. He may be nodding off at some points too. How convenient. ]
04.19.2012 - 2nd deviance
deniability: (lol; only things I hate)
[ and so after a few weeks of adventuring, dungeon-crawling and general cutthroat trading with NPCs, Hiteihime has gathered quite the inventory. With space in her pouch at a premium, it's high time she began to barter with the other PCs for their rare items, or maybe fob off a few of her unneeded items on those who can use them.

This is of course entirely secondary to her plan to make friends with the entire server, and thus gain information, contacts and favours for when she inevitably gets bored and decides to mess it all up. It's all a bit like hard work to keep up this persona, but honestly it's her best choice. She doesn't have any illusions as to her ability in a fight, but there are other weapons in a lady's arsenal.

A smile is one of them.

What was the phrase the NPCs used..? Ah, yes. ]

Hello! Would anyone like to trade items?
04.17.2012 - one.
brightfuture: (pic#3150967)
[ Venturing right into the middle of the town square might have not been the brightest idea. With all those crowds, you really need to watch your ste--


Wait, did somebody just punch you? If you gather enough courage to turn around and face your attacker, you will only find a short, distressed-looking Harvest Cleric who shoots you an apologetic glance. ]

Uh, sorry for that...
04.16.2012 - 1
wowwhataloser: (68)
[There's a teal haired boy wandering around Mac Anu, making faces here and there at buildings and people.]

Man, this place is weird.

[Some of you may recognize him as Kariya Masaki, one of the defenders of the Raimon soccer club whereas the others will recognize him as a really mad little boy.]
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