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[another day in Mac Anu, though the sun seems to be...a bit more vibrant and bright. for some reason. who knows.

but for those roaming about, you may come across posters on various walls of the city, through all the districts, and maybe even tacked to a couple shop doors. it's an advertisement for a new guild; each drawn by hand.

you see: it had taken a bit of time, but Amaterasu had finally gotten about to creating her own guild in The World. and now she plans on getting the word about it to everyone who may be looking for a guild - or, even those in one, a secondary place for them to come to if they would so desire. the treasury is stocked full of various items gathered from her adventures. it was all set up.

now to recruit!

scenario a. it doesn't really matter where you may be, whether it's outside the warp gate area, the main fountain area of Mac Anu, or one of the other districts of the city. Amaterasu is there with a pleasant smile on her face, looking quite pleased and happy. did you happen to see the posters about the city?

are you interested in joining the guild? or maybe you just want to make some small talk. well, whichever. she'll be happy.

scenario b. on the bridge the connects the Chaos Gate to the Town Square, there is a grunty sitting on the rail and just relaxing. occasionally reaching to the bag at its side and pulling out a meat bun to partake in the joys that is eating.

this dog ears, red marked little grunty really should be doing some advertisement for the guild and getting people to join. but. eh, that can come later. it's quite happy enough to just sit there and enjoy the view.]
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[So after getting the "Where is this, who are you, what is going on?" out of his system, Dirk Strider was purposefully and boldly exploring Mac Anu and was...kind of bemused by the fact that the city wasn't done up in purple and black.

...just saying.

He had ended up at the harbor and there he paused in his wan- purposeful exploring, as...you know what's incredibly distracting? Actually only having one self (at least for the time being) that he was aware of. Also the clothes. Also the fact that he still had no idea what the hell was going on, and, more importantly, what was happening with Roxy.

There was a certain irony in him spacing out just as badly as he did when he had multiple selves to juggle, one which was lost on the guy as he was spacing out, brooding.]


[Yeah, this was getting him nowhere. (And shit, the lack of purple really was throwing him off.) That was when he shook his head slightly, turned to the nearest person, and said:]


[So verbose.]
04.19.2012 - 2nd deviance
deniability: (lol; only things I hate)
[ and so after a few weeks of adventuring, dungeon-crawling and general cutthroat trading with NPCs, Hiteihime has gathered quite the inventory. With space in her pouch at a premium, it's high time she began to barter with the other PCs for their rare items, or maybe fob off a few of her unneeded items on those who can use them.

This is of course entirely secondary to her plan to make friends with the entire server, and thus gain information, contacts and favours for when she inevitably gets bored and decides to mess it all up. It's all a bit like hard work to keep up this persona, but honestly it's her best choice. She doesn't have any illusions as to her ability in a fight, but there are other weapons in a lady's arsenal.

A smile is one of them.

What was the phrase the NPCs used..? Ah, yes. ]

Hello! Would anyone like to trade items?
04.04.2012 - the first deviance
deniability: (&mask; unconcealable)
[ well it's all been lovely. Hitei's met new people, discovered that she has some kind of immortality against Player attacks - though she's not planning on testing that again anytime soon - drunk a lot of green soda, and now, after a lot of talking with NPCs and the quest stall, she's ready to actually explore.

She's at the Chaos Gate, relic in hand, entering words. Disputing Heretic's Night Moon. The data that comes up seems promising... as far as she can tell. There's only one way to really find out. ]

Anyone care to join me?

[ man she looks like the worst kind of squishy mage, too. ]
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