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[another day in Mac Anu, though the sun seems to be...a bit more vibrant and bright. for some reason. who knows.

but for those roaming about, you may come across posters on various walls of the city, through all the districts, and maybe even tacked to a couple shop doors. it's an advertisement for a new guild; each drawn by hand.

you see: it had taken a bit of time, but Amaterasu had finally gotten about to creating her own guild in The World. and now she plans on getting the word about it to everyone who may be looking for a guild - or, even those in one, a secondary place for them to come to if they would so desire. the treasury is stocked full of various items gathered from her adventures. it was all set up.

now to recruit!

scenario a. it doesn't really matter where you may be, whether it's outside the warp gate area, the main fountain area of Mac Anu, or one of the other districts of the city. Amaterasu is there with a pleasant smile on her face, looking quite pleased and happy. did you happen to see the posters about the city?

are you interested in joining the guild? or maybe you just want to make some small talk. well, whichever. she'll be happy.

scenario b. on the bridge the connects the Chaos Gate to the Town Square, there is a grunty sitting on the rail and just relaxing. occasionally reaching to the bag at its side and pulling out a meat bun to partake in the joys that is eating.

this dog ears, red marked little grunty really should be doing some advertisement for the guild and getting people to join. but. eh, that can come later. it's quite happy enough to just sit there and enjoy the view.]
05.10.2012 - The Second Ideal
solveforn: (☯ Cherry red)
[Lately, N can be seen at the Chaos Gate, warping in an out regularly. He appears to not be staying long in Mac Anu, and if he is, it is to simply resupply before he goes to a new area.

He hasn't been speaking to anyone as of late, and has not been forming a party as he visits areas. He certainly has plenty of Member Addresses at this point, so what could he be doing all by himself?

Nevertheless, he will not turn down anyone who wishes to join him on a trip to a field.]
05.08.2012 - ➹second flight
shiningascent: <user site="dreamwidth.org" user="kuiper""> (roller coaster through the atmosphere)
So... bored...

[Life is tough when you haven't got a Goddess telling you what to do all the time. Not that it wasn't tough before, but now it's tough and kind of dull to the point of Pit lying in the middle of town. On his face. Bored to death, one might say.


Just gonna lie here.]
04.22.2012 - first;
lookslikemomo: (wait what)
[There is someone in the Alchemy district fiddling with his Relic. If you're sneaky enough to look over his shoulder, he's writing something on the notepad function. Something about shiny walls that teleport you to a weird area, the Omega server, and Christmas. It might entirely be fiction, but then Takeshi talks to himself out loud:]

And that's when I blank out... I remember a Christmas event, and then I wake up here with at least half of my previous levels. And there's no way to contact Zero or Amaterasu or Yuuta, unless I try to party invite them, but there are entries missing in my contact list... [a sigh.] No sign of Spin, either.

[Dogs do get curious too, you know! Anyone is free to bother him, and ask him what this is all about.]
04.20.2012 - 1st ⇌ 閃
pocketblade: ([h] 01)
 [Forward, right, forward, left, forward again, right once more- the Mac Anu's pavement has probably memorized her pattern of steps by now. With how she pauses every so often to look at passing figures, it's easy to tell she's searching for someone. Someone she could recognize, but with all the hustle and bustle, isn't successful.]

And I'm back here... Did I miss her?

[The loops around town are finally catching up to her. She sits on a bench with her knees pulled close, staring at the Relic dejectedly. She's been too preoccupied to be fascinated with it.]

It wasn't ever this hard...

04.16.2012 - 01.
blamesfate: (pic#2921880)
[Following his encounter with Roy at the Easter event, Kratos has sequested himself in the quietest corner of Mac Ainu's harbour he can find. With one hand, he flicks through each of the menu options on his Relic, attentively studying each one before moving on to the next. Between the thumb and forefinger of his other hand, he rolls a small object back and forth without paying it an apparent mind.

After some time, he lifts his attention from the Relic and stares out in the direction of the ever-present sunset, mouth set in a firm line.]

04.11.2012 - the fool.
inhearts: (zero.)
[ Note: Backdated to before the Easter event!

It can be anywhere, really. Maybe in a field, in a dungeon -- or even in a more desolated part of town.

Minako's standing still; sometimes in a neutral position, sometimes not. Her eyes are closed and one hand is placed on top of her heart. She's concentrating, or trying to. You can hear her verbally going 'hmm' or 'mmm' as she's trying -- trying to do something. Sometimes she shouts (but never in town), sometimes she speaks softly, but you can hear it if you come close enough: ]


[ Whatever she's trying to do, she doesn't succeed. It's probably obvious by the way she opens her eyes and sighs heavily. If she's near a wall, she leans on it. If she isn't, she settles down on the grass or floor, looking at her hands rather unhappily. Engrossed in her predicament, she won't notice anyone until they move close enough or make a sound.

And after a small break, you can be sure she's going to try it again. ]
04.03.2012 - The First Ideal
solveforn: (☯ Calculation)
[Where most people are frantically out and about, trying to find out where they were and what was going on, a strange green-haired boy was sitting on the fountain, inspecting the "relic" he was given.

As he stares, it's clearly more than the curious gaze of the common person. In his mind, he is deconstructing the object, observing how it fits together, what elements make it function. He carefully moves the wire around, seeing how securely it was placed, then dabs his finger on the exhaust pipe to gauge temperature.]


[The observation is almost involuntarily expressed, as N isn't apparently looking for anyone to speak to him about it. He runs his fingers over the seams, wondering if it was fit into place or welded. In a very swift and train of thought mutter,]

This shouldn't work.
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