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➹second flight

So... bored...

[Life is tough when you haven't got a Goddess telling you what to do all the time. Not that it wasn't tough before, but now it's tough and kind of dull to the point of Pit lying in the middle of town. On his face. Bored to death, one might say.


Just gonna lie here.]
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[...Now that's weird. Shindou approaches tentatively; he hopes this person isn't dead.]

Are you okay...?
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[did someone say they're in need of a goddess to tell them what to do? because that certainly can be fixed.

-- ahem. anyway.]

If you are bored, then why don't you race me?

[if he cares to roll over, or just move his head enough so he can look up, he'll be finding Amaterasu leaning over him. hands at her knees, silver hair falling over her shoulders across her back, and a smile on her lips.]
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[she grins - absolutely beaming at him as she kneels.]

Mm! Race me through the city. If you win, I will treat you to whatever you would like to eat.
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[He was going to ask if you were okay Pit, but you're clearly not. So he just casually sits next to you. Company always made him feel better, so he hopes it has the same effect on the young-looking stranger.]
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[Sure it's a cycle, but Taiyou personally hasn't gotten bored of it yet...

And then, an idea comes to him!]

Have you played any sports?
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[In the hustle and bustle of town, Meta Knight rushes to get to his next destination, as if he doesn't have all the time in the world to sit around and eat cake.

Oh, master of grace. To be felled by a lying angel]

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[He managed to go rolling and is sprawled funny close by. At least you're not the only one who looks ridicarus ridiculous Pit.]

They're armored boots. [And up he goes to salvage his dignity.] What were you doing lying in the street?
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[Now that he actually looks at this fool who was lying in the road, there's a brief flash of surprise on his face when he sees those, albeit tiny, angel wings. Hope you're not self conscious too much about them, because he's staring at them.]

Then go out exploring.
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[No, Meta Knight's also tinyass wings are awesome and cool. Pit's wings are stupid. Like Galacta Knight's.]

Have you gone through all of the fields and dungeons?
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Hmph... This must be a poorly constructed "game".
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Indeed. There's no point in giving us that much selection if there's no variation.
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[Bored? Bizarre! N looks down at the strange boy, though he's much more interested in Pit's wings.]

Are you looking for something to do?
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Would you mind talking to me? I'd like to know more about you.
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[Link was used to strange sights tis par for the course in a Nintendo game, I'm sure but a young boy with wings?

... Well, he supposes it's better than just randomly running into Ooccoo in a jar]


[he knelt down to see if the boy was all right, but upon catching sight of his wings- Link reached forward to place a hand on Pit's back, just above the base of his wings]

Are you all right?
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[Sonic's not the only one with lightning quick reflexes BRING THE THUNDER and Link pulls his hand away as Pit sits up. He blinks in surprise a couple of times before letting said hand rest on his own knee]

I didn't mean to startle you.

[but at least he knew that Pit was all right now]
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[except Link wasn't being all that quiet. And here people were telling him off about not paying attention]

So long as you're all right... [a pause] But what about your wings?

[he's not even bothered by the fact that you have wings, Pit. He's not even bothered]
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[... Those goddamn Reapers and Ornes. 'A'9

[a pause. He stares intently at the wings for a moment Hey, Pit, are you going bald?]

Your feathers.

[it must be because he grew up on in a farming village, but who would have thought Link actually paid attention to birds? It's not like he did anything but chuck them at things]
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[Hey now, we all know that if anyone would suggest Pit do a comb-over, it will be Sonic]

I don't mean- [Link looks a bit surprised but figures that the bit about flight feathers? Pit was probably aware of that already]

No, they're all a mess. [he looks more worried, but if Pit keeps acting defensively, Link will probably drop the topic...

And preen him anyway, but hey! That can always be saved for another thread]
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[a pause... then a smile. The look on his face is clear; "You should look after yourself better." But even Link couldn't fault Pit for the haphazard appearance after being on the ground... Speaking of which-]

Why the ground? [because there are benches around and people are less likely to trip on you]
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[there was a quiet, appreciative hum at the 'hot spring' before a quiet puff of air. Well, he couldn't fault the other for wanting a break, could he?

All the same...

He holds a hand to the other boy]

I'm Link.

[is it just me, or do you get this feeling that we've met before?]