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05.18.2012 - first☆;
meteorblade: (pic#3445727)
[there's an edge punisher leaning against the wall at the big room where the chaos gate is. his weapon is a large broadsword literally larger than he is.

the redhead isn't doing anything, just watching the giant ring of the chaos gate spin. maybe he's waiting for someone.

or something.

who knows.]
05.08.2012 - ➹second flight
shiningascent: <user site="dreamwidth.org" user="kuiper""> (roller coaster through the atmosphere)
So... bored...

[Life is tough when you haven't got a Goddess telling you what to do all the time. Not that it wasn't tough before, but now it's tough and kind of dull to the point of Pit lying in the middle of town. On his face. Bored to death, one might say.


Just gonna lie here.]
04.23.2012 - Second Mist
doingthemistything: (Default)
[As always, Kirino's out and about.... and not particularly doing much, it seems. He's just wandering from the looks of it, then pulling out his relic every now and then to take a look.

Eventually, he sits down against a wall, staring up at the sky in thought. Who wants to bother him?]

04.22.2012 - first;
lookslikemomo: (wait what)
[There is someone in the Alchemy district fiddling with his Relic. If you're sneaky enough to look over his shoulder, he's writing something on the notepad function. Something about shiny walls that teleport you to a weird area, the Omega server, and Christmas. It might entirely be fiction, but then Takeshi talks to himself out loud:]

And that's when I blank out... I remember a Christmas event, and then I wake up here with at least half of my previous levels. And there's no way to contact Zero or Amaterasu or Yuuta, unless I try to party invite them, but there are entries missing in my contact list... [a sigh.] No sign of Spin, either.

[Dogs do get curious too, you know! Anyone is free to bother him, and ask him what this is all about.]
04.15.2012 - ❂ -oo1
glassworkgenius: (follow me)
[Some weird bright-haired boy is freely wandering about Mac Anu's square today. He's really happy. Possibly contagiously so. He switches between casual walking, to speedily running around for no reason, and to just chilling somewhere gazing at the scenery. Sure it's disorienting for a kid to just get thrown into another world, but as far as Taiyou knows at the moment it feels way better than being in the hospital all day.]

[He seems to have spotted a person looking downcast or confused--Is that you? Either way, he's walking over to that general direction, piping up.]

You feeling alright?
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