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06.13.2012 - 1
shininghero: ('o')
[Usually Shirou would have thought about this long ago. However, between the very odd world that he was in, and the fact that somehow a week had disappeared in the blink of an eye, literally, it had taken him about a month or so before the thought of level grinding occurred to him. He had been busily spending most of his time beforehand exploring the town, fields and dungeons and understanding the leveling system and weapons.

Now armed with a fairly good understanding of the leveling system, it was time to actually gain some levels. He wanted to reach level 20 as soon as possible so he could access his cell phone and check the status of his demons and abilities. There was a slight problem though... The Shadow Warlock class was magic based, and he probably didn't have the Repel Physical skill equipped, so if he went alone, things would get nasty fast. He would have to find some party members to grind with.

Today, you may be approached by the blue eyed Shadow Warlock, who was going around asking everyone the same question.]

Would you like to join me in level grinding?
05.30.2012 - ❂ -oo2
glassworkgenius: (no way!)
Mac Anu's resident sunny Harvest Cleric kid has been wandering about even more than usual today. He had a determined look on his face, and spedwalk to and from various stores.

A. [Maybe you're just around the area, or inside the store? While Taiyou smiled and thanked the merchant NPC's for their assistance, he looked pretty disappointed once he got out the door. What exactly is he looking for so fervently?]

B. [Some hours later, he's sitting at the fountain, fumbling with what seems to be cloth and a length of rope. He's trying to tie the cloth up, but why? His concentration is so strong he doesn't notice anyone staring or approaching.]

C. [Even later later(!!!) before you can see it coming a ball of cloth is flying through the air at your general direction. (Don't worry, it probably won't hurt very much on the offchance you get hit. Let's just hope for Taiyou's sake the person who gets hit isn't pissy...)]

05.28.2012 - First Catch
protecting_soccer: (o:)
[Hello, citizens of Mac Anu. There is now one more additional member in the town, and it's a young boy! A Tribal Grappler, in fact, and he's looking confused as hell.]

...where am I??

[The city was vastly different than anything he'd ever seen before, with people and even animals milling about, wearing styles of clothing he had never seen before. And, he soon realized, even he was wearing really weird clothing. When did he even change into them anyway?? The whole affair was really bizarre and Endou could confidently say that this was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to him.

After a couple minutes of gawking, he regained his bearings and proceed to do what would be normal for someone in his situation.]

Kidou, Gouenji, everyone! Where are you??
05.11.2012 - First Shot
tank_sniper: (SKILL > Glare)
[There is yet another new and confused face wandering around Mac Anu today. This time, it is a petite Steam Gunner. Currently her attention is split multiple ways; sometimes she is checking her Relic with a look of frustration, others she is looking intently at her surroundings as if it may clue her in on some big secret. And on some occasions, she will stare directly at your character, almost expectantly. At any rate, it is clear she will not be the first to approach, so that will be up to the other to initiate.

However… once approached, she is quick to fire off a question before any pleasantries can so much as begin.

Where is this place? It isn’t GGO… But it can’t be SAO, either.

…Is it?

[Her voice is calm with only a slight tinge of suppressed fear. Whatever it is she’s saying, it must be some cause for concern. Why else would someone work so hard to control the tremors in their voice?]
05.05.2012 - 002
hedgephones: (let me go set me f r e e •)
[ So Neku's been out around the surrounding areas of the city, trying his best to learn how to fight with these stupid swords, as opposed to the Psychs from back home.

He had always been a quick learner, one to easily adapt, but this was proving to be a challenge. Two swords at once? Trying not to accidentally slice open his arm as he swung them? Attacking some weird monsters and stuff? Yeah, not what he was used to. He may be swearing under his breath as he defeats a few really low level things, working up a sweat in the process. Why wasn't this becoming any easier, damnit?!

Care to join him in said training?
04.29.2012 - 2nd
wowwhataloser: (97)
[You might notice Kariya yelling at one of the NPCs, his face pretty red from frustration. He looked like he was about to explode, to be honest. If you get closer, you can hear him say things on the lines of "Will you answer the question I actually asked you???"

After a few more minutes of this, he throws his hands up in the air and storms off.

I wouldn't get in his way if I were you, he's pretty pissed off!]
04.23.2012 - Second Mist
doingthemistything: (Default)
[As always, Kirino's out and about.... and not particularly doing much, it seems. He's just wandering from the looks of it, then pulling out his relic every now and then to take a look.

Eventually, he sits down against a wall, staring up at the sky in thought. Who wants to bother him?]

04.22.2012 - » One
dawnsguardian: (That Boy Is Bad And Honestly)
[What's up, Mac Anu? Ever wonder what a keyblade weilder looks like when they're lost? Well congrats, because for anyone who happens to be in the Twon Sqaure on this lovely day of never ending sun set, they'll find out.

This one just so happen to have silver hair and a line face etched so deeply into his features it's safe to assume it may never be removed. He cups his hands every once in a while, calling out a name, before waiting, as if the call will actually be returned.

But he's used to get separated and having to do everything on his own, so he's not entirely worried. Except for the fact that it means Sora is running around on his own with no one to stop him from causing complete and total havoc.]

This is payback for making you look for me, isn't it?

[It totally is. He's sure of it.]
04.22.2012 - first;
lookslikemomo: (wait what)
[There is someone in the Alchemy district fiddling with his Relic. If you're sneaky enough to look over his shoulder, he's writing something on the notepad function. Something about shiny walls that teleport you to a weird area, the Omega server, and Christmas. It might entirely be fiction, but then Takeshi talks to himself out loud:]

And that's when I blank out... I remember a Christmas event, and then I wake up here with at least half of my previous levels. And there's no way to contact Zero or Amaterasu or Yuuta, unless I try to party invite them, but there are entries missing in my contact list... [a sigh.] No sign of Spin, either.

[Dogs do get curious too, you know! Anyone is free to bother him, and ask him what this is all about.]
04.16.2012 - 1
wowwhataloser: (68)
[There's a teal haired boy wandering around Mac Anu, making faces here and there at buildings and people.]

Man, this place is weird.

[Some of you may recognize him as Kariya Masaki, one of the defenders of the Raimon soccer club whereas the others will recognize him as a really mad little boy.]
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