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minetodecide: (Ryusei - driver 2)
A ) @Lumina Cloth

[Around the town Ryusei is frantically running around, stopping random people and asking them questions. Sometimes he walks away angrily if they didn't know the answer and if they did, he would ask more until he was satisfied. Why is he so angry?]

B) Over the network


Does anyone know any location where they've experienced some kind of anomaly or interference? If you do, please contact me ASAP.

C) @ Roaring Doomed Blue Cloud

[Ryusei charged straight into the dungeon, a look of ferocity and determination etched all over his face. He barely has any supplies with him, no healing spells, no fairy orb to map his way inside. He's going in half-cocked and full force. By the time anyone catches up with him, he's about to face a big group of enemies. Some of them can heal and cast spells while the others fight face-to-face. Ryusei grunts and then pulls out a black object from his relic and straps it to his waist.]

Don't get in my way!

[Within a matter of seconds, Ryusei is bathed in a blue light and suddenly he is covered head to toe in black and blue armor. Some may recognize the figure as Meteor, a masked man hwo fights off PKers.]

Your fates...are mine to decide!

[Ryusei charged off into battle. What is his objective? Why did he disregard his identity? Perhaps if you aid him, you'll find out.]
galaxiapride: (why)
[Meta Knight idles by the Chaos Gate in Lumina's Cloth, eyes darting around hoping to find anyone he might know.

Unfortunately, Dream Land habits are hard to break from and he easily grows bored. He pulls out his Relic and randomly selects from the three keyword columns.]

Today is... "Halberd Failing Ocean"..

[It takes him a moment for that to sink in.]


[He manages to stop himself from throwing his Relic on the floor. Come on Metty, you're over that incident already. He tries to straighten himself out, looking around to see if anyone witnessed that.]

That would not be a very good area.
minetodecide: (pic#)
[Should you find yourself in a temple dungeon, you find either;

A) Ryusei leaning on the wall next to the entrance of the first room from the chaos gate, battered, bruised, tired, and about to pass out.


B) Somewhere around the second floor, you would find him fending off a small pack of these guys


C) You'll see him at the third floor, going to the fourth, in a pretty bad shape.

Why did he go to some place where he'll probably get himself killed? Training, a rare item, cause he felt like it, who knows? You'll have to ask.]
06.15.2012 - ➹third flight
shiningascent: <user site="dreamwidth.org" user="kuiper""> (I sit on my star and see streetlights)
[What's white and gold with feathers all over? This guy, groggily wandering about Mac Anu like he's just woken up from a very, very long sleep. ...Or maybe not very long, considering this is the kid who'd set a personal record for sleeping three years straight. Not on purpose, of course

Pit stumbles into a group of NPCs as he wobbles along, rousing some complaint and concern-- 'Is he alright?' 'Watch where you're going, clumsy!'

He doesn't seem to mind, or even notice, mumbling to himself as he checks over his Relic.]

Ooogh... I just had the biggest... longest... weirdest dream. Feels like I've been out for ages.

...'Least I'm not... [yaaaawn] A ring... this... mumble grumble ...
06.13.2012 - two.
brightfuture: (♧ battle)
[ The area for today's show is Beloved Past's Paradise! While you can spot low-level monsters prancing around here and there, it appears to be an otherwise peaceful place, even if a bit cold. Excellent for training if you don't feel too confident about your abilities. ]

[ scenarios: ]

[ There is something unusual about this little fighter.

Honestly, what's the matter with these spells? Although elemental in nature, they do not resemble those of a Shadow Warlock at all... not to mention their user appears rather distraught about their strength - or lack thereof. While the sparks of fire and lightning might seem impressive, they do little damage to approaching enemies... whoops. And to think that they worked so well back in his world...! ]


[ Sit down and watch this desperate Harvest Cleric deny his class allegiance, or - if you're so kind, join him in his struggle against goblins. Your pick! ]

[ And should you find yourself wounded, worry not! Here's a sneaky Cure spell going your way, because Repth is so overrated. It's not nearly as effective as the original spells of The World, but the thought counts, right? ]
05.08.2012 - ➹second flight
shiningascent: <user site="dreamwidth.org" user="kuiper""> (roller coaster through the atmosphere)
So... bored...

[Life is tough when you haven't got a Goddess telling you what to do all the time. Not that it wasn't tough before, but now it's tough and kind of dull to the point of Pit lying in the middle of town. On his face. Bored to death, one might say.


Just gonna lie here.]
04.22.2012 - first;
lookslikemomo: (wait what)
[There is someone in the Alchemy district fiddling with his Relic. If you're sneaky enough to look over his shoulder, he's writing something on the notepad function. Something about shiny walls that teleport you to a weird area, the Omega server, and Christmas. It might entirely be fiction, but then Takeshi talks to himself out loud:]

And that's when I blank out... I remember a Christmas event, and then I wake up here with at least half of my previous levels. And there's no way to contact Zero or Amaterasu or Yuuta, unless I try to party invite them, but there are entries missing in my contact list... [a sigh.] No sign of Spin, either.

[Dogs do get curious too, you know! Anyone is free to bother him, and ask him what this is all about.]
04.07.2012 - 1st
lavenderglasses: (♠uguu etc.)
[well, aside from a few small conversations that discussed possible theories, nothing here has really been adequately explained. and he tired of the celebration by the fountain pretty quickly and instead took to exploring mac anu, only to discover that there is no exit. nothing but a dock with a ship that refused to take him anywhere.

which, besides just being bad planning -- how does a city function with no land routes available and only one boat? -- strikes him as incredibly suspicious. it's better than being locked up somewhere, maybe, but dropped off in an inescapable, unfamiliar city seems like someone's idea of a cruel joke, dying of exposure or starvation in the middle of a city.

and he probably could starve, given he passed up everything at the celebration back there. who wakes up in a strange place and unquestioningly eats what's offered? the hunger is bothering him a little, but more important is probably finding somewhere to stay. so saralegui is making another trip around the city, on a search for shelter this time.

for such a decently-sized city, however, there seems to be a bizarre lack of ways into all these buildings. what few doors he's passed are all locked to him, often with strange noises coming from inside. worst comes to worst, he could probably go back into the room they all woke up in before, but there has to be something better in this place somewhere, right? somewhere that trustworthy food could also be obtained, if he was lucky.

for the moment, however, he's sitting down in the shade of a building by the docks, tired of walking and unable to even tell how much time has passed. he looks a little torn between exhaustion and keeping up his guard, warily watching a group of players chatting nearby even as he leans against his knees with fatigue. feel like helping out a clueless and technology-inept trap? even knowledge of the warp points around the city would be useful, at this point.]

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