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[Meta Knight idles by the Chaos Gate in Lumina's Cloth, eyes darting around hoping to find anyone he might know.

Unfortunately, Dream Land habits are hard to break from and he easily grows bored. He pulls out his Relic and randomly selects from the three keyword columns.]

Today is... "Halberd Failing Ocean"..

[It takes him a moment for that to sink in.]


[He manages to stop himself from throwing his Relic on the floor. Come on Metty, you're over that incident already. He tries to straighten himself out, looking around to see if anyone witnessed that.]

That would not be a very good area.
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[Hello, have a nosy kid.]

What are you doing? Usually yelling at the Relic doesn't do you any good.
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[Just staring at Meta Knight in a way that shows he doesn't really believe him.]
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You're weird.
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No it's not; you're the one talking to your Relic.
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Yeah because the Relic can totally understand when it's spoken to.

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And 'accursed' isn't one of those.

[Wait, what were they doing. This is dumb.

Yuuta waves a hand in front of his face dismissively.]

Never mind. You can talk to your Relic if you want to.
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[Link had taken a step back to avoid possibly being hit by an irate Meta Knight. Well, he'd only just wandered over but... Who would honestly want to talk to someone who looked like they were two breaths away from throwing something?

Once that passed though-]

Are you all right?
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[this is a look that says he doesn't really believe you... But all right, if you say so]

Where are you headed?

[Spelunking? Dungeon Crawling? going to raid the sweets cart again]
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[... He directs his attention to the Relic in Meta Knight's hand. Some sort of mishap with the field names?]
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Of course it wouldn't. It doesn't exist.
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Of course, that is mere conjecture. All previous attempts to access areas other than Mac Anu from here have resulted in failure.

[Lumina Cloth has no areas attached to it, in other words.]
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I suppose it could appear that way. For me, all this city has amounted to is a mere change of scenery so far.
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A place for the residents of The World to wage war with each other... It could be a contest of many things.
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But then are there not wars of ideas?
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And yet, I have seen people come to blows over them. The Arena may become used as a battleground for that, as well.
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I am... unaware of the consequences of attacking another in a field. I suppose the sanction would remove some sort of penalty, but...
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I will just have to find out myself, then.

[oh no, did he just...]
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Then I shall be looking for one.

[Who gone? He gone.]