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King Saralegui of Small Shimaron ([personal profile] lavenderglasses) wrote in [community profile] holyrelic2012-04-07 03:40 am


[well, aside from a few small conversations that discussed possible theories, nothing here has really been adequately explained. and he tired of the celebration by the fountain pretty quickly and instead took to exploring mac anu, only to discover that there is no exit. nothing but a dock with a ship that refused to take him anywhere.

which, besides just being bad planning -- how does a city function with no land routes available and only one boat? -- strikes him as incredibly suspicious. it's better than being locked up somewhere, maybe, but dropped off in an inescapable, unfamiliar city seems like someone's idea of a cruel joke, dying of exposure or starvation in the middle of a city.

and he probably could starve, given he passed up everything at the celebration back there. who wakes up in a strange place and unquestioningly eats what's offered? the hunger is bothering him a little, but more important is probably finding somewhere to stay. so saralegui is making another trip around the city, on a search for shelter this time.

for such a decently-sized city, however, there seems to be a bizarre lack of ways into all these buildings. what few doors he's passed are all locked to him, often with strange noises coming from inside. worst comes to worst, he could probably go back into the room they all woke up in before, but there has to be something better in this place somewhere, right? somewhere that trustworthy food could also be obtained, if he was lucky.

for the moment, however, he's sitting down in the shade of a building by the docks, tired of walking and unable to even tell how much time has passed. he looks a little torn between exhaustion and keeping up his guard, warily watching a group of players chatting nearby even as he leans against his knees with fatigue. feel like helping out a clueless and technology-inept trap? even knowledge of the warp points around the city would be useful, at this point.]

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