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06 | Meteor Explosion

A ) @Lumina Cloth

[Around the town Ryusei is frantically running around, stopping random people and asking them questions. Sometimes he walks away angrily if they didn't know the answer and if they did, he would ask more until he was satisfied. Why is he so angry?]

B) Over the network


Does anyone know any location where they've experienced some kind of anomaly or interference? If you do, please contact me ASAP.

C) @ Roaring Doomed Blue Cloud

[Ryusei charged straight into the dungeon, a look of ferocity and determination etched all over his face. He barely has any supplies with him, no healing spells, no fairy orb to map his way inside. He's going in half-cocked and full force. By the time anyone catches up with him, he's about to face a big group of enemies. Some of them can heal and cast spells while the others fight face-to-face. Ryusei grunts and then pulls out a black object from his relic and straps it to his waist.]

Don't get in my way!

[Within a matter of seconds, Ryusei is bathed in a blue light and suddenly he is covered head to toe in black and blue armor. Some may recognize the figure as Meteor, a masked man hwo fights off PKers.]

Your fates...are mine to decide!

[Ryusei charged off into battle. What is his objective? Why did he disregard his identity? Perhaps if you aid him, you'll find out.]
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@ Lumina Cloth

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[Link is curious at first. He's never seen Ryusei so irritated before and while he's resigned himself to the fact that most people here were different (Even for him) this seemed too out of place. So he decided to take the initiative and speak with the other man first-]


[or maybe just intercept him while the other is walking away from someone. Brows knitted together, Link tilts his head to one side in a silent question. What's wrong?]
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[Wow, he looks disgruntled. Might be best to steer clear for a bit.

The crowd around Faris chooses that moment to start splitting up, leaving her wide open.]