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( action ¤ field )

[ If you're out and about on the fields today, it's quite plausible that you'll encounter both Kirito and Celica partying up and level grinding together. While they do look like they're doing pretty well, on closer inspection it should be rather obvious that they were both new to the game. Regardless, nearing the end of the day, their movements should be a little smoother than before -- that is, if fatigue hadn't taken them yet.

In any case, they do spend most of their day leveling -- however, that isn't to say they won't be taking any breaks. Every so often they can be found by the river resting up. Catch them sometime in the evening, and you may even find Kirito dozing off. ]

( Joint post with [personal profile] elucidator! Order will go you → Kirito → Celica. Feel free to catch them when they're on their multitudes of breaks, or when they're defeating mobs to give them advice or to join up. )
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On a break! And I have no appropriate icons for this sobbing

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[Shinon was just continuing her hunt for her ever elusive ammo when she spotted them. The first person was the usual unfamiliar face, but that second guy? Makes her freeze in her steps. It wasn't his GGO avatar, but...]

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[ the mention of his name causes him to jolt upright from his sleep, but that didn't mean he was 100% awake. as a result, he yawns before sleepily looking around the area. ]

Someone call? [ ... ] It wasn't you.

[ he's not very thorough with his search, settling his gaze on Celica. ]
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break ¤ dusk-ish?

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[ sorry Celica, but somewhere in the midst of all their breaks, Kirito finds himself dozing off.

it starts off with his head bopping up and down as he tries to keep himself awake, but it eventually evolves to him fully passed out on the ground. fortunately, there's no snoring on his end...! but she does have (1) napping sixteen-year-old boy next to her now. what do? ]
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Over here.

[Did she get the wrong person...? She considers it for only a second before dismissing the idea. No, there's no way. This is definitely the Kirito she knows.]

It's me, Shinon.
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[ gaze following hers, he blinks once his eyes land on the other person. there's a few more successive ones after that, but in the end, he'll tilt his head. ]

The name doesn't ring any bells. [ blatantly. ] ... Do I know you from somewhere?

[ he's more awake now that his mind was back to work, fortunately. ]
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[ Kirito was always one to be a light sleeper, so the beginnings of something starting to pile on his head somewhat alerts him.

it's not enough to completely wake him up though, so he's still somewhere between asleep and awake. ]

[ mumble mumble. ] ... Hey. [ he's going to subconsciously react by attempting to swat both Celica and the grass away. rude!! ]
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afternoon? While field wandering probably...

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[one or both of them might have sensed someone tailing after them throughout the day. It slips away whenever they try to investigate (Prometheus is used to this, stalking and waiting, always waiting in the shadows) but comes back once their attention is diverted. Eventually though...]


[there's a purple Flick Reaper hanging out next to some defeated monsters. He swings his scythe with ease before shouldering it] Working on leveling up? 'cause this game doesn't quite work like that.
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[...What's going on? He couldn't have forgotten, could he? Her expression is clearly one of utter disbelief.]

...We met in GGO - Gun Gale Online. We were in a tournament together. It wasn't too long ago... don't tell me you forgot.

[She's got a really bad feeling about this, for so many different reasons. Kirito is... here. He shouldn't be here. And he doesn't remember her for some reason?

Please tell her he at least remembers her. Please.
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[ well, maybe you are one!!

in dream land, at least.

anyway, the fact that she quiets down does help him lull back into sleep. though -- the stoic expression he had on before? totally replaced with a pout of some sort. ]
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[ finishing up the monster he had been hacking away at, he pauses before regarding the newcomer. his eyes go between Celica and the stranger, before resting on the latter. ]

... What do you mean by that?
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[ upon seeing her expression, he feels bad almost instantaneously. still -- there wasn't much he could do in this situation. his memory wasn't one to fail, normally. ]

I don't recognise that game either, sorry.

[ it was strange, since he was usually so up-to-date with current games and the such. though, he had been stuck in SAO for a while -- enough to make that knowledge practically worthless.

for a moment, he hesitates in asking her his own question; his eyes flashing over to Celica. ... perhaps if he was vague. . . ]

Does Sword Art Online mean anything to you? [ he'll drop it if it doesn't. by answering this question though, it'll at least tell him if she's from his world or not. ]
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[Her attention is completely focused on Kirito by now. Sorry Celica ;;

At the question, she gives a nod of her head.

The death game that ten thousand people were trapped in for two years. Everyone has heard of it.
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[his grin widens once their attention is on him]

You can kill as many of these things [he makes a wide gesture with his free hand] as you want, but that's not really going to help much. [a pause, before he laughs it's unsettling] Or not. This place, this place likes to play around more than we do. Can you believe it?

Well, it doesn't matter how many you kill. It's about finishing the area. Everything else? Just collateral damage.
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[ woah woah, he needs his nose for breathing, you know...!

but that action does manage to garner a bigger reaction from him, and in response he sneezes. though, sneezing from a sleeping position would be rather uncomfortable so he sits up for that.

following the sneeze, there's a yawn — he's pretty much awake now, but his eyes will remain closed. ]

So you like to take advantage of sleeping people, I see.
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i hope you're happy, dani...!

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[ it was a little too descriptive for his liking; he would've preferred a yes or no answer — but that worked too, he supposed. while he manages to keep a composed expression, the fact that she was talking about it in present tense... it wasn't hard to put one and one together.

whoever she was, it was likely she must've come from his future. somehow. but the mention of two years...? he had been stuck in it for around that long, and they weren't close to clearing the game just yet. just what had happened?

taking another moment, to regard her more closely. he definitely would've recognised her immediately, judging by her appearance. her seemingly incandescent light blue hair and piercing blue eyes as deep as an ocean all coupled with a cat-like look in general didn't seem easy to forget. ]

I think you must've come from my future somehow. [ insert sheepish laughter ] Because I'm very much still stuck in it. Or at least was — for now, at any rate.

[ he pauses, to shoot an apologetic look at Celica before turning back to Shinon. he feels a little guilty, since she must've felt like a third wheel of some sort. ]

Anyway. This is probably really awkward for you, huh? So... Let's start from the beginning, if you don't mind. [ he stands up from his position to walk over — extending a hand to her. ]

I'm Kirito, and you? [ this part was probably unnecessary but he's dorky like that. ]
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[ while Kirito raises his brow at the laugh, the person seemed harmless enough to pass it off. ]

By finishing the area, you mean by defeating the boss, right? [ well, at least it wasn't a complete waste of time...?! seeing as there were drops and everything. . . ]

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