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Celica A. Mercury ([personal profile] suckswithmaps) wrote in [community profile] holyrelic 2012-08-24 02:57 am (UTC)

Re: break ¤ dusk-ish?

[At first, Celica doesn't really notice Kirito beginning to drift off; she's just kind of gazing out and examining the scenery around them instead. It's not until he has been asleep for several moments when she realizes that he had passed out. Even then though, she decides to just let him rest for while. He has been training all day, so...!

...But give it another ten minutes or so and she'll get a little bored. And how does she satisfy that boredom?

By plucking out some grass and piling it up lightly and carefully on top of Kirito's hair, of course! fufufu.]

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