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[ If you're out and about on the fields today, it's quite plausible that you'll encounter both Kirito and Celica partying up and level grinding together. While they do look like they're doing pretty well, on closer inspection it should be rather obvious that they were both new to the game. Regardless, nearing the end of the day, their movements should be a little smoother than before -- that is, if fatigue hadn't taken them yet.

In any case, they do spend most of their day leveling -- however, that isn't to say they won't be taking any breaks. Every so often they can be found by the river resting up. Catch them sometime in the evening, and you may even find Kirito dozing off. ]

( Joint post with [personal profile] elucidator! Order will go you → Kirito → Celica. Feel free to catch them when they're on their multitudes of breaks, or when they're defeating mobs to give them advice or to join up. )
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I think you mean the best

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You would think that. But from what I can tell so far, there's no main goal to clear. I haven't even heard a hint about a final or ultimate boss.
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in which best and worst are now synonymous

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Well, for now...

I guess there isn't much we can do besides grind to the highest level we can. [ he stretches out his limbs, as his mind gets to work. throwing a quick side glance to Celica, it'd probably be best for him to do more of his intel gathering later in the night. ]

[ aaaand then he directing his look over to Shino. ] What are you planning to do from here?
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makes sense to me

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[She nods.]

It can't hurt to be strong enough to take on anything they might throw at us.

Anyway, I only came to this field to gather Chim Spheres. I'll probably go back to town and head to a higher level dungeon soon.
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shounen protagonists do what they want dwi

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... Ah. I see. I was wondering what you were doing around here.

[ he notes "Chim Spheres" somewhere in the back of his mind to research more on later. ]

Going to go your way then? [ she didn't seem like the type of person to waste time, but by the same token Kirito did want to get to know her better. alas. he didn't plan on holding her back. ]
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silly harem protags

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[Well it's not like Kirito needs to be babysat at this or anything.........]

I can stay a little longer if you two need help starting out. It's the first day for both of you, isn't it?

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girls girls, don't fight over me...!

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If it isn't trouble.

Having someone experienced [ and over levelled... ] around will probably make things more streamlined.
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Kirito I think you mean *fight you*

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Alright. I'll give you two backup when you need it.

What's your tactic so far?
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wow, rude...

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I'm a twin blade, and Celica is a harvest cleric. [ If it wasn't made clear by their equipment. ]

Our tactic is standard as far as strategies go, with me taking the front lines and her supporting me from the back.