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[ If you're out and about on the fields today, it's quite plausible that you'll encounter both Kirito and Celica partying up and level grinding together. While they do look like they're doing pretty well, on closer inspection it should be rather obvious that they were both new to the game. Regardless, nearing the end of the day, their movements should be a little smoother than before -- that is, if fatigue hadn't taken them yet.

In any case, they do spend most of their day leveling -- however, that isn't to say they won't be taking any breaks. Every so often they can be found by the river resting up. Catch them sometime in the evening, and you may even find Kirito dozing off. ]

( Joint post with [personal profile] elucidator! Order will go you → Kirito → Celica. Feel free to catch them when they're on their multitudes of breaks, or when they're defeating mobs to give them advice or to join up. )
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[ yeah well, he's going to fine a way to return the favour sometime, definitely! you better watch out. ]

Tell me about it... [ pushing off from his knees, he'll hold out a hand for her. ]

Guess that's enough of an indication for us to check in for the night, yeah? [ he'd keep on going if he were by himself, but clearly, that wasn't the case. though, he didn't particular mind that at all. ]
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[ he promptly lets go as soon as she's steady on both of her feet. ]

Hmm... [ while he looks like he's deep in thought about it, he's actually pretty confident he knows the way back. ]

Why don't we switch things up? Since I've been doing most of the leading today.
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[ it's kind of cute how excited she got over it. ]

Lead the way, captain. [ he'll offer her a salute. ] Your passenger is counting on you.
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[ ... he has to stifle a chuckle at that, because it was the complete opposite direction in which they were supposed to go.

Kirito won't be speaking up any time soon, but he will be keeping track of where they were going. it still wasn't completely dark out, so they wouldn't have to worry for a little longer. ]

You don't sound very confident.

[ though, the aforementioned didn't mean he would go without teasing. ]
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[ pfft. okay. ]

Then I'll just have to oblige. [ luckily he manages to control his grin pretty well...! but traces of it are slipping out. ]
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[ if she so happens to look behind her, she might be able to catch a glimpse of Kirito's thumbs up in response!

otherwise, he's going to keep quiet unless there's something that prompts him to speak.

... he vaguely wonders when she's going to realise that she was lost. ]
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[ ...

oh Celica. it's growing increasingly difficult not to make a sound, but Kirito was a trooper! likewise, give it a few more minutes until he speaks up about it. it was getting later by the seconds, and he didn't want them to run into anything they didn't want to by mistake. ]
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[ he can't help but echo it back, adding along with it a questioning tone.

sorry, but he's a bit of a horrible person so he might just wait it out a little further... ]
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Oh? What's our estimated time of arrival then, leader?

[ p...pfft... ]
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So that's how it is. [ he should be renamed to jerkito, really ] I see.