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05.31.2012 - |02|
youngteacher: (Warm)
[In the absence of anything else to do, Quistis has been taking a lot of walks around the town. She doesn't appear to have any particular destination in mind, and her only reasons for taking these walks are so that she doesn't become too bored and that she becomes more familiar with what is for now, her home.

And, well, meeting people isn't a bad thing either. If she walks around enough, who knows how many interesting people she'll meet?]
05.20.2012 - 1st Black Feather
stolemylook: (...I have no idea.)
[There's a Pit wandering around Mac Anu, not looking very pleased. In fact, unless Pit decided to change his wardrobe, dye his hair, and get contacts, he looks more like a mirror image of Pit.]

[Though, he's just as confused.]

...did one of you goddesses send me here? If so, this isn't very funny.

[...and talking to himself.]

[Though, admittedly, he's not talking to himself intentionally. He's expecting an answer from people that aren't there, and he's just realizing this, if the expression on his face is any clue.]



[...well this was awkward.]
05.13.2012 - |01|
youngteacher: (Instructor)
[Near the Chaos Gate in Mac Anu is a tall young woman who is dressed as a Twin Blade. She is presently inspecting her Relic, but soon enough, her attention is caught by the numbers of people who are passing her by.

Quistis waves her hand in the air, hoping to catch their attention.]

Excuse me. Where is this place? Clearly, I’m nowhere near Balamb Garden.

I believe that if this were a new mission, I would know more about it and what it involves, but I’m actually at a loss. So, if you don’t mind, an explanation would be helpful and very much appreciated.
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