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[When Roxy steps out of the Chaos gate, she was not excepting a greeting from a sunset city. She also was not excepting a change of outfit, nor phone to be gone or her inventory system to have simply vanished. They was no caraspaces; no fires, no nothing, zip nada zilch. The only thing that was a reminder of where she had come from, was her disorientation or her hang over at that. She presses her hand to her head, its bearable, but god it is so annoying and so inconvenience right now.

On the bright side tho, she could totes work with this cute outfit.

The weight of the gun on her back makes her shift her feet and pulls her head up to looks at her surroundings. Well, what the fuck should she do now? This certainly wasn't sburb, she could tell by that much, especially since everything she lasted owned was gone and this by far, did not look like her land. She sighs, trying to decided whats the next best thing to do.
And she guesses that's to take a walk.
Can someone please should come help this poor disoriented/hangover girl??]
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[Jake runs into her over at the fountain. Or, well, it's more accurate to say that he spots her there. He is absolutely delighted that she is here, completing their little circle of friends.]


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[And just as Roxy was not expecting those things, Al was not expecting a human that he could sense nothing from. No indication whatsoever of the level of potential she held.]

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There are those that call me "Al Saiduq".
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[Oh, hey, sup. Meet your orange winged alternate universe ecto-son? Of course, Davesprite also thinks she's hot, but he knows better than to actually say that, especially since Rose is here.]

You alright?

The lady said 10, so.

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[When he spots Roxy, he pauses.

There are many melodramatic things he could do at this point. He could rush and give her a big hug. He could weep dramatic tears of joy and woe. There could be great feelings erupting, gushing forth like a metaphorical volcano and you kinda can extrapolate where I'm going with that so I won't bother.]

Hey, Rox. [Starts walking next to her as if it is the most natural thing in the world. Just two friends strolling.] Where the hell have you been?

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[And he took a step or two more after she stopped before stopping as well, looking at her with a carefully cultivated sort of neutral-curious expression, a sort of, What, you saw something?]

Earth. Sburb. Following your tipsy dreamself into the void. I don't damned well know. I was starting to wonder if I had to - somehow - track you down.

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Crocker and English are here too. [There is a pause. It is noticeable.] Plus mom and bro.

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I'm dead serious, though I guess you're right. It's a pretty shitty joke since I think they're younger than we are.
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[Jane catches sight of a blonde girl from behind and, crossing her fingers, taps her on the shoulder. Please be Roxy, please be Roxy, please be Roxy.]

Um, excuse me?
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[Jane breathes a sigh of relief. Or gets it squeezed out of her, one of the two.]

It's so good to see you're okay! We weren't sure if you'd ever show up!
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Yes! Of course, that's the most important thing. Have you been given the tour yet? I have to say, I only got here myself, so I might not be the best guide!
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Not a clue, unfortunately. It seems to be yet another game we've fallen into, but apparently Sburb is just...waiting for us to come back any minute. So I can't say if that means they're connected or not, but it is certainly a pain in the ass!
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It doesn't seem to be. I mean, if it is, she took all my Crockercorp gear from me! What good could that do her?

[Jane sighs, taking a step back and holding both Roxy's hands.]

I wonder what you are now? Oh! We should sync up!

[Jane pulls out her device and gestures for Roxy to do the same.]

This way we can form a party to go out adventuring!
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Ooh, they really do seem to pick classes that fit with our previous abilities! I'm a Harvest Cleric, which is a healing class, kind of like how I had that whole lifey thing going on back home...

[She shrugs a little at Roxy's question.]

Basically something like World of Warcraft. We put in some keywords to get a playground and then we have to fight our way through a specific task to gain experience and loot!
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Jeez, way to put pressure on a girl!

[She smiles back, though.]

Come on, we'll go get you settled in.

[Jane leads the way to the little spot she and the boys have settled for themselves.]
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Oh, shoosh, you silly.

[Well, it's a spot on the streets since they don't have a guild yet. But Roxy is nothing without her misplaced enthusiasm!]

It's better A swamp, I guess? I kind of wish we didn't have to sleep on the ground, though.
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[ Leave it to fate to bring the intermixing parties together. Friends, foes, daughters, mothers -- whatever the case may be, this was a melting pot. Rose found herself crossing the same exact path. It was a mix of feelings once she eyed the eerily familiar female.

One that was left much to her dismay.

But, she crossed her arms, allowing a stern stop in her stride. ]

You're awake.

[ Was all she said. A slightly relieved look washing over her face. She had to admit this wasn't how she pictured meeting her alternate-mother. ]
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As real as a symbolic dream could be.

[ Roxy was giving her a look; as if she saw some ghost. Well, Rose was giving her the same look, even if she remained calm and composed. ]

Would you like to find a place to talk? I can assume this is all one big riveting tale of confusion, so I'd like to relieve that as much as possible.
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[ Friendly also!blonde girl here to help! ]