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06.14.2012 - one ♈
timeliness: (love comes in colors i can't deny)
[Newbies. Always the same, no matter how many other MMOs they've played before. Aradia is no different. She's taking in the sights and sounds of Mac Anu, soaking in the atmosphere.

At least for a little while. It isn't long before she's either poking at the quest shop, bugging NPCs, or poking around at the Chaos Gate, trying to spin up an interesting combination of Area Words.

Come bug her?]
knitwit: (at peace)
[ Off in the corner of town, near the edge that lead towards the towering gate, resided a small pub. The stout owner and his lanky wife were kind enough to serve drinks and food to newcomers the first crowd of the evening. Luckily, Rose was among the first dozen to arrive during dinner hours. A nice warm meal was welcomed and the fact it was discounted? Excellent. Each spare currency went towards equipment and potions.

But, maybe she would be lucky? After overhearing a few NPCs speaking about gambling, Rose invited herself into the conversation. It lead to a deal: a nice game of cards. Rose had no clue how to go about it. What were the rules? The stipulations? The risks? Ah, but, that was the art itself, correct?


So here Rose was, sitting with her deck in hand looking over at the other players around the mahogany table. Her fingertips pressed into the torn stock cards, eyeing her pieces as if trying to complete a puzzle.

Bystanders, passerbys, or fellow players, Rose would love some conversation to toss away the jitters and nervousness she obviously does not show. ]

I'll raise once more and we can see where that will take us, hm?
05.17.2012 - 1ST WINDY THING
ghostytrickster: (◊ anxious)
[ John stammered back. An almost lightness to his step. The flick reaper armor was much too big for him and he looked displaced and awkward in it. He was trying to sort things out. John moved in animated and almost cartoon like motions as he paced (he wished he could float) nervously. His steps a little too wide, his arms swinging a little too widely. Think John, think. ]

[ He does a quart turn. A fist turned side wards slammed into an open palm when he figures it out. ]

I'm in the wrong video game!

knitwit: (damned)
[ Ah, another game and another chance to lose. It was all tugging at Rose Lalonde's cloaked collar; an obvious weight that nearly caused the collected and refined girl to lose her cool. As she had traversed through Mac Anu, learning as much as she could and memorizing the intricate pathways leading to each specific shop, she continued to seek out more.

At the very most, Rose refused to be 'lost' here.

Tugging her over sized book upon a thin silk strap against her shoulder, the pale girl continues onward. A moment or two passed until her bright eyes landed upon the docked ship.

She would glance around, seek an answer for a question she hadn't even asked yet. With a soft clear of her voice, among the few strangers that lurked the area, she spoke. ]

Pardon me for the intrusion, but does anyone have a clue of if this ship is set to sail or is it merely a decorative piece?

[ She noticed the rust upon the spikes that dug into the chain links which held the ship in place. It looked as if it hadn't left the dock in quite sometime. ]

Or at the very least, where it leads to on its voyage?

[ Curiosity killed the cat, it seemed, or perhaps it would give it some proper closure or allies. ]
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