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✎ Puzzle 001

[Action for Mac Anu]

[Hugging his grimoire to his chest, Clive wanders aimlessly about the unfamiliar city, taking in all the sights. Although he is rather overwhelmed by the unexpected change in location (and attire), he has to admit that this is a very beautiful city. He's never seen anything like it in his entire life.]

It beats being stuck in a prison cell, at least...

[He lets out a sigh and looks around for a bench to sit on; carrying this giant book around gets tiring really quickly. Once he's seated, he sets his grimoire down beside him and digs out a strange device from his pouch. Whatever it's supposed to be, he's rather impressed with the sleek design. Clive spends a few minutes just examining the object before he presses his index finger on the "Touch me!" message on the screen. To his surprise, the screen actually changes to show some sort of menu. It seems that touching the corresponding icons also takes him to different screens.]

What a fascinating little piece of technology. I never would have even imagined that it was possible to build such a device.

[Until he figures out what he should do next, Clive is perfectly content with just sitting here and messing around with the Relic. Touch screen technology hasn't been invented yet in his world, so he'll be entertained by it for quite a while. Anyone is free to bother him, of course.]


[Once he discovers the public board feature, he decides to post a very simple message, which... actually takes him some time to type out because what are touch screen keyboards.]

Could someone explain to me what's going on here?
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It is, isn't it? While I have seen others like it, this was the first I have had the opportunity to use.

[What the, where did this guy come from.]
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[A little further down the street comes the sound of a familiar voice and a sight of a... not so familiar top hat? It would appear that even the Professor is vulnerable to the wardrobe change]

-a small trade. I don't really know what I would do with all these small fishes anyhow.

[blue was a rather popular colour in The World... Or maybe he was just distracted by the NPC he was speaking with]
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[at the sound of someone calling him, Hershel turns to look-]

Clive!? [And he jogs over to meet Clive halfway] It's been a month since I first arrived here. But what of you? I never expected to see you here as well. Are you all right, my boy?
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Yes. And there are many that are quite unlike them.
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I am... ill-suited to keeping track of time, but I am certain I have been here for at least one hundred and twenty five human "days".

[It's actually closer to 136.]
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Regrettably, I have an answer to neither. I am curious as to the method, however. I will be sure to let you know if I discover something.
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[oh well then- wait, I beg your pardon?]

A couple of hours? That- [a pause, before he reaches up to grab the brim of his hat] Good heavens, not this time travel business again.
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That seems to be the recurring question. It's quite puzzling. [such as how Clive was from a few weeks before Layton arrived and unless Inspector Chelmey wasn't tell him something...]

And it seems that this isn't the first time people have been pulled to The World either. It's all very disorienting...

Speaking of disorienting, how are you holding up, Clive?
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[Layton frowns. Yes, considering everything that this young has put himself through (has been put through) rest was probably best. Hershel had no doubts that Clive would be able to pick up the mechanics of everything once he's had some time to digest the change]

I've heard that there are a couple of guilds that we can stay in overnight once we've joined. Until then, I've been staying at a small inn. It's nothing fancy, but better than sleeping on the streets.

Shall we go?
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[Layton looks to the Blade at his side, then sighs. He never was one for fighting...]

Clive, do you remember that strange circling sphere you saw in the room you woke up in? Think of it as the old medieval gates of England; it keeps the monsters that roam the fields out of this town. Everyone is given a weapon - including that Grimoire of yours - as a means of both defending and supporting oneself.

... I've been told this is a very popular sort of 'video game' in the far future.
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Oh, I don't know.

[ aaand there's a voice coming from above you. from the branches of a tree, actually, if you have to be specific. the boy with the long hair smiles down, perched with his legs dangling. ] I'd say this would be another sort of prison.
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Not in town. It seems there are precautions in place to prevent fighting from breaking out in the towns. But out in the fields and caves, the spells written in that Grimoire do indeed work.

Likewise... I'm no professional fencer, but even I seem to be aware of the techniques used in this place. It's a very peculiar feeling.
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[ and here, he tilts his head, as though thinking about this. ] You could be right. I've never been in a prison, but I'd imagine the food here is much better.

And, of course, you can see the sky.

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