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galaxiapride: default, staring down (Default)
[Seeing absolutely no change in strength or his levels (according to his Relic anyway) from constant fighting, Meta Knight has been spending a lot of his time in Mac Anu, sitting on the highest possible object around, watching people.

It seems as if he's searching, as certain colors will gain his immediate attention, particularly pink, red, and blue.

If you do happen to make eye contact with him, he'll look away, but after a while, he'll look again.]
04.04.2012 - First Mist
doingthemistything: (9)
[So for the past few minutes, all Kirino's really done is stand in place to try and mess around with his Relic, seeing what sort of things were available on it. He doesn't really get half of it, but he keeps looking anyway.]

This is so weird... Ugh, I don't have time for stuff like this, I've got important things waiting back home...! [He gives up and puts away the relic. He rubs his temples, trying his best to not look frustrated.]

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