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[ A message goes out to every Relic at noon, a succinct invitation directly from CCorp. Any replies to the message will bounce back, but there may be a GM around to grill for questions if you're lucky! ]

Good afternoon, Players!

We would like to extend a formal thank you to everyone who has participated in the closed beta for The World. A festival will be prepared down the bridge to the Chaos Gate and you're all encouraged to attend. All information we required was gathered from your testing, and we only hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your sneak peek of The World. We hope that our project will bring a new depth to the world of gaming with our innovative and immersive technology, and again, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Closed beta is coming to an end, and you will have 24 hours to say your goodbyes and exit through the Chaos Gate. Simply choose the blank Area Word for all three columns and you will be returned to your homes.

Sincerest regards, and to new adventures!
- CCorp Project Team

[ True to word, there are booths set up all down either side of the bridge with a number of foods, games, drinks, and souvenirs to be taken freely. The Chaos Gate can still be used regularly for a final farewell dungeon dive in The World, or perhaps enjoy the serene landscapes before returning to your own when. Mingle away! ]
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[ Denial. That was the state Taiyou fervently held onto ever since the message came onto his relic. The World had been his escape from his reality, of medical check-ups and being indebted, a burden to his parents, selfishly asking to do things at his body's expense... Taiyou hadn't had to worry about these in The World. He even wondered, once, if his parents would've missed him at all. There was so much on his mind. That, contradictorily, he became numb, and his mind was blank.

Yuuta had told him, the last time they crossed paths, that he didn't remember anything about The World when he went home, the last time. And it made Taiyou's heart all the heavier.

He doesn't want to go. He doesn't want to forget. He doesn't... want to...

Thinking an early leave would spare him more emotion, he doesn't look for anyone. Taiyou looks up at the Chaos Gate, expression unfocused, and staring into space. He stays like that for a while. Then finally, slowly, he draws out his relic.

Why...? Can't he move? Only his hands were, because they were trembling. For the first and last time--for it was not something he would normally do, Taiyou hurls his relic onto the ground.

And breaks down crying. ]