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Fourth Shot

[Shockingly enough, Shinon is not in a dungeon or field for once! Rather, she's sitting for a break in the Warp Gate room in Mac Anu, her beloved Hécate II propped up beside her. She's also... incredibly zoned out. To the point where she probably won't notice other characters unless they actually come up to her and call out to get her attention. By the looks of it, she's fairly worn out despite it only being the afternoon.

The people most close to her (particularly guildmates) are free to note that not only has she not been around the @Home much lately, but she also seems to have lost a level somehow.

Somebody's been pushing herself a tad too much as of late...
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[Once that moment elapses, Roy takes a seat next to her, then wordlessly digs an apple out of his inventory and offers it to her.]</small.
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Look, I may not have a high Sense Motive, but you're not exactly rolling a natural 20 on Bluff at the moment. If you don't want to talk about it, that's fine, but I can tell something's up.
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[Sure it's clear. Shinon is clearly acting odd. He'd be remiss if he failed to at least TRY to help her.]

I remember, yes.
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Not in a good way, I'm guessing.

[Not that he's sure how she'd be reacting if it were a good way, but he's pretty sure it wouldn't be like this.]
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[Roy's first instinct is to ask all sorts of questions -- how, why, what, explain, that doesn't even make sense... But at the clear evidence of Shinon's turmoil, he suppresses all of that and puts a comforting hand on her shoulder.]

I'm sorry.
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[Roy can only imagine how much time and effort it took for her to trust him, and he can understand her frustrations in that respect.]

Just because he doesn't have those memories doesn't mean he's not the same person. I'm not saying that makes it easier on you, but it does mean that whatever qualities he had that made you like him, he still has.
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Traumatic and unpleasant experiences that nonetheless led the two of you to bond in a way you're afraid you won't otherwise?
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Trust me, I understand. I went through a lot of that myself, back when I was first forming my party.

Still kind of waiting for it, for Belkar.

And having been through it, my opinion is honestly that the idea that two people would never bond without a specific event is wrong. I mean, take Elan -- who you never met, but let's just say he's got a lot of heart and not a lot of brains. His behavior used to drive me so far up the wall that I actually almost abandoned him to a horrible fate for a while. Yes, there were events that meant I finally came to appreciate him, but those events didn't change him, or me. If they hadn't happened, something else would have, that would have led me to appreciate his qualities anyway.

Now, obviously this guy means a lot to you. [Because for Shinon, this is practically outright bawling.] So you'd be crazy to just give up on his friendship. Whatever he liked in you before, you still have, and it doesn't have to take some disaster for him to see that. Just try to befriend him again.
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What's got you worried about that?

[If she befriends him again, that's no worry, right? And even if she doesn't...]
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[Roy folds his arms in his lap and leans on them as she thinks. When she finally does speak, he just lifts an eyebrow slightly.]

Well, I assume you don't like to talk about it, because otherwise you should know by now I'd listen.
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[Roy has to think about this for a moment. When he does finally come up a decent sentence or two, he delivers them slowly, feeling his way through this situation carefully.]

Well... look. I'm not really good with the touchy-feely stuff. That was always Elan's department. Most of my skills, even as a leader, are focused on reducing foes to experience points.

But the adventuring party isn't just a team on the battlefield, and that's not the only place I've got your back if you need someone. Difficult events or not.
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[Whoa! She MUST be having a rough time and be stuck in a period of emotional vulnerability to let THAT slip out.]

[But Roy isn't about to comment on that, he just returns the smile.]
Hey, what are friends for?
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It's a lifelong process, and a strange one. You can end up with connections to the most unlikely people, at the most unlikely times. ...Probably something you already knew though, huh?

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