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Shino Asada // シノン ([personal profile] tank_sniper) wrote in [community profile] holyrelic2012-09-04 02:16 am

Fourth Shot

[Shockingly enough, Shinon is not in a dungeon or field for once! Rather, she's sitting for a break in the Warp Gate room in Mac Anu, her beloved Hécate II propped up beside her. She's also... incredibly zoned out. To the point where she probably won't notice other characters unless they actually come up to her and call out to get her attention. By the looks of it, she's fairly worn out despite it only being the afternoon.

The people most close to her (particularly guildmates) are free to note that not only has she not been around the @Home much lately, but she also seems to have lost a level somehow.

Somebody's been pushing herself a tad too much as of late...
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Nah, I was dropping by to say 'hi' but you look beat. Wassup?
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Doesn't look like 'nothing' to me.

[he flops down next to her uninvited before asking;] Gold Ring for your thoughts?