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[ If you're out and about on the fields today, it's quite plausible that you'll encounter both Kirito and Celica partying up and level grinding together. While they do look like they're doing pretty well, on closer inspection it should be rather obvious that they were both new to the game. Regardless, nearing the end of the day, their movements should be a little smoother than before -- that is, if fatigue hadn't taken them yet.

In any case, they do spend most of their day leveling -- however, that isn't to say they won't be taking any breaks. Every so often they can be found by the river resting up. Catch them sometime in the evening, and you may even find Kirito dozing off. ]

( Joint post with [personal profile] elucidator! Order will go you → Kirito → Celica. Feel free to catch them when they're on their multitudes of breaks, or when they're defeating mobs to give them advice or to join up. )
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When it's breaktime...?!

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[Consenting to the fact that he's by himself in a completely unfamiliar place again, Ragna decides to set out to the field to check things out after talking to some people. And what does he spot in the distance after a moment of trying to look around with his one eye (what is depth-perception)?

A familiar looking brunette with some... guy. Who cares about the guy, he's not important. Well, if he's traveling with Celica, then he must be suffering. Poor guy.]

Hey, Celica!
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[ yeah, don't mind him, Ragna!

because it wasn't his name that was called out, he's going to keep on snoozing. or at least, appear as so. he couldn't very well let his guard down, when a complete stranger was amidst. ]
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What the-- [Celica, do you even have ears. Goodness, woman.] Over here! Where the hell are you looking!?

[Still no regard for the other guy except that he's there, so Ragna won't pay it any mind until... the last possible moment, probably.]
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[ ... hm. it sounded like a friend of hers, so Kirito will end up relaxing his guard by a notch or two.

and while he can't exactly see Celica's reactions, he'd imagined that the scene looked pretty comical. ]

( ooc: feel free to skip him every so often! o/ i'll just jump in again when it makes sense to )
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[That's good enough for him. He wanders over, eye on the guy lying on the ground before looking back to Celica. He's looking pretty pissy.]

Yeah, and it's pretty damn stupid! [...] Your sister's not here, is she?
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[Yeah. Pretty salty.]

I'd prefer otherwise... [Hand on hip like a sassy guy.] Who's that?