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First Memory

[Mac Anu]

[First, he takes an admittedly strong and perfectly formed roundhouse to the head. Like that wasn't bad enough. Then, the next thing he knows, he's in this completely unfamiliar place that looked a lot more friendly than Japan (or what was left of it), with new clothes and the only things linking him from his current state of mind and the memories he wished he remembered, gone.

If that wasn't enough to piss him off, it would be a godsend.

Of course, he was pissed. And it shows as he wanders around the place, completely confused despite getting some idea of what was going on. Didn't change how confused he was, or the fact that two plus two equaled seventeen right now. Yeah, he's a little slow on the uptake sometimes. But he's an honest guy. Especially when he vents his frustrations in the middle of public like it was nobody's business.

Like right now. At the top of his lungs.]
Ugh... What a giant load of crap!

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[Sonic's pretty chill for someone who lives at the speed of sound. And besides, he's so used to people trying to kill him. All in a day's work, Rawrgna]

What? No! ... Well, yea, I did, when I was a wee little hog. [he holds his hand down to his hip to indicate the size difference] I've been doing this for a while now. Y'pick up a few skills along the way to save yourself some broken noses.

So... What's up with you?

[he makes no indication whether he's asking because of Bloodedge's appearance or the outburst. It's probably the same to him]
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[... knucklehead]

Not used to dropping into other worlds? [and Sonic makes it sound like he is] S'okay, dude! I'm sure we'll find a way out of here!
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[... thank goodness Sonic's not from Generations-- Wait]

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[his ears twitch but he waves it off easily enough] Yeaaah, long stories are kinda hard to sit through.

But hey, if you ever need a hand, feel free to give a shout! It's never any fun to get dropped into another world or timeframe without a 'how you do' or a tutorial.

[did Sonic just- ... gdit]
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...? Hey, man, you keeping up all right?
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Because I've had it happen to me a few times? Never with the species change, but I've done the world hopping, time traveling schtick before. I think. Time travel makes things kinda weird.
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Yea, was a hedgehog about yeah high before. [he gestures to somewhere around 3 feet tall] ... Slowed down a lot though, which is a pain. I guess the extra height and reach is kinda nice though?