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♭ NOTE 02

[ Some days start out kind of bizarre, some days stay kind of normal

needless to say that bizarre is pretty much the default here, but it can always be upped a bit, right? Not that there is need to worry, the extra weird today is mostly harmless!

When you walk around the town you'll see different posters pinned to buildings, walls, trees? maybe even trees. Also: to people's backs, because someone has no shame.

They look like regular wanted posters really, or as regular as it gets here. There is a text ('Tulip Killer, not all that dangerous! Needs to be caught as soon as possible' or 'Lost Puppy, not properly house-trained yet. Would be happy to have him returned to us!'), a probably unfamiliar member address as well as a self-drawn picture above that. Amusingly enough, both types of posters show the same thing: a pretty boy with smooth features and light-shaded hair.

The likeness is easily good enough to recognise one (1) Hope Estheim for those who know him.

So, what will you do? Ping that number? catch Oz while he is pinning a poster to something/someone/you? ask him how he keeps those things to actually stay stuck?

or be sane and walk away from this nonsense ]
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no, you're the one with the magic...! how did you do that!?

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You're right! We're an invincible duo, Oz-kun--!

[An image both mildly disturbing and adorable! That said Taiyou would happily welcome teeny disco Hope into his mind~*~*~*]

Secret... writing style... That sounds cool! [He can't help but chuckle a little at the latter sentence, too. Oh these language shenanigans that somehow evade them in speaking but not in written form!!] What kind of a writing style, though? I can't think of anything other than drawing the whole object!
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WITCHCRAFT--! ... of the best kind~*~*~*

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They'll know we don't mess around!

[But you know, it's a little weird being feared, given them being them. The cute and terrible duo!? But as long as they're not clobbering monsters that actually feel pain, Taiyou can live with that.

It's not as if they can tell the future, but so long as they're still making plans...]
Woah, you know about things like those!? [To be honest, Taiyou did not expect his bouncy friend to read up on such things! The more you know, huh?]

Really, this is just as noble a cause!