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twinArmageddons ♊ Sollux Captor ([personal profile] viiru2alert) wrote in [community profile] holyrelic2012-06-17 06:30 pm

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[Stepping out of the Chaos Gate is one grey-skinned alien kid. He's looking around curiously now, which is for the better; when he gets out of the glow of the Gate, well--]


[--Too late.]

[He fidgets out of reflex, accidentally dropping the heavy tome previously tucked under his arm. It falls to the cobblestone ground with a soft whump, but he doesn't seem to be very concerned; instead, instinct is telling him to get the hell out of there, because wherever he went, the sun hadn't gone down yet. ...But it only takes a second for him to realize that his skin isn't peeling, his hair isn't burning, his eyes haven't imploded upon themselves; he's alive. He's standing in the sun, and he's alive.]


[Sollux huffs and collects himself, looking back down at the book next to him on the ground; and likewise, at the new outfit he'd somehow gained for himself. Where he had just been was a bizarre, alien place; the spinning ring, the aliens wandering all over the place. And before that, he had squared off with Douchefin McGee. Was this all Eridan's doing? Did he actually succeed for once, with his shitty excuse for magic? Unlikely. Sollux refused to believe it. There was no reason Eridan would want to send him somewhere else, they were in the middle of a duel. You're supposed to fight in a duel! Even if Eridan was a spineless, overgrown grub, Sollux could only assume he knew that much.]

[...Which was all fine and dandy, but it still didn't answer the question of what the fuck just happened. Sigh. Without bothering to pick a direction, Sollux picks up the grimoire and starts walking.]

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