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Fourth Shot

[Shockingly enough, Shinon is not in a dungeon or field for once! Rather, she's sitting for a break in the Warp Gate room in Mac Anu, her beloved Hécate II propped up beside her. She's also... incredibly zoned out. To the point where she probably won't notice other characters unless they actually come up to her and call out to get her attention. By the looks of it, she's fairly worn out despite it only being the afternoon.

The people most close to her (particularly guildmates) are free to note that not only has she not been around the @Home much lately, but she also seems to have lost a level somehow.

Somebody's been pushing herself a tad too much as of late...

« First Heal »

( action ¤ field )

[ If you're out and about on the fields today, it's quite plausible that you'll encounter both Kirito and Celica partying up and level grinding together. While they do look like they're doing pretty well, on closer inspection it should be rather obvious that they were both new to the game. Regardless, nearing the end of the day, their movements should be a little smoother than before -- that is, if fatigue hadn't taken them yet.

In any case, they do spend most of their day leveling -- however, that isn't to say they won't be taking any breaks. Every so often they can be found by the river resting up. Catch them sometime in the evening, and you may even find Kirito dozing off. ]

( Joint post with [personal profile] elucidator! Order will go you → Kirito → Celica. Feel free to catch them when they're on their multitudes of breaks, or when they're defeating mobs to give them advice or to join up. )

05 Burn on, Shooting Star

["Sneering Black Metal Doll" those are the area words. Here the land is dark, the water is still, the wind howls in the night. It's strange, almost eerie. The monsters that walk around are now stay in groups, only staying in one place. The presence of danger grips is carried by the wind but at the same time, the presence of an ally.

If one looks up they'll see all the stars in the sky piercing the night and among them, an unusual blue star darting from one end of the field to the other. Sometimes it comes down and after a while, it takes off back to the sky.]

Shooting Star )
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Third Shot

[Shinon is up to her usual level grinding! But this time she's armed with a new weapon. To fully test it out within the restraints of The World, she can be found in a couple of different situations.]


[Maybe you just spotted that group of monsters and were about to go in for the kill. Or maybe you were just enjoying the scenery - it is a lovely day out in this area, after all.

Either way, that group of monsters? The biggest of them just got a large hole blown into its head, even though there doesn't seem to be anybody nearby to make the attack. Before long, the remaining two follow suit.

Those who are observant may be able to trace the shots to a small figure on a different island, armed with a sniper rifle nearly as long as she is tall. Want to go investigate?


[While she's still carrying that same weapon along with her, she seems to have paused in an empty area for the moment. It's hard to say whether she's just resting, thinking, or both. Now would be a great time to catch her for the curious or talkative, though!]

Mac Anu


Anyone who might be in the square today may find the unusual sight of Tsubaki by the fountain, arms dipped inside as he tried to search for something. His makeshift tent was situated nearby, one he had been staying in due to the lack of an inn. Why he chose to camp right in the middle of the city, no one knows. Still, that was hardly the dilemma.

Nope, him blindly reaching through the cold waters was the dilemma. Anyone who knows him may also notice he is squinting badly, and he can't seem to focus at all on what he's looking for.]

Just where did it go?
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o2; text

so the bbs is finally back! it sure took them long enough to get it up and running but at least we have it again (^∇^) looks like things are starting to get back to normal around here! maybe they'll even give us flash mail next.

(hopefully hopefully)

by the way, anybody get any ideas on the anon post?

04 Crashing Meteor (Roaring Gambler's Cat's Eye)

[Should you find yourself in a temple dungeon, you find either;

A) Ryusei leaning on the wall next to the entrance of the first room from the chaos gate, battered, bruised, tired, and about to pass out.


B) Somewhere around the second floor, you would find him fending off a small pack of these guys


C) You'll see him at the third floor, going to the fourth, in a pretty bad shape.

Why did he go to some place where he'll probably get himself killed? Training, a rare item, cause he felt like it, who knows? You'll have to ask.]

♭ NOTE 02

[ Some days start out kind of bizarre, some days stay kind of normal

needless to say that bizarre is pretty much the default here, but it can always be upped a bit, right? Not that there is need to worry, the extra weird today is mostly harmless!

When you walk around the town you'll see different posters pinned to buildings, walls, trees? maybe even trees. Also: to people's backs, because someone has no shame.

They look like regular wanted posters really, or as regular as it gets here. There is a text ('Tulip Killer, not all that dangerous! Needs to be caught as soon as possible' or 'Lost Puppy, not properly house-trained yet. Would be happy to have him returned to us!'), a probably unfamiliar member address as well as a self-drawn picture above that. Amusingly enough, both types of posters show the same thing: a pretty boy with smooth features and light-shaded hair.

The likeness is easily good enough to recognise one (1) Hope Estheim for those who know him.

So, what will you do? Ping that number? catch Oz while he is pinning a poster to something/someone/you? ask him how he keeps those things to actually stay stuck?

or be sane and walk away from this nonsense ]

Hidden Eternity's Two Wings

[Up for leveling up in a grassy field? So was Asad, especially since training hard is also a requirement for a soldier even if he was stuck here.

Though he couldn't quite say the same about dancing, which is what he was attempting now. Dancing. In the middle of a field. It was sad how he keeps messing up before he could actually finish a spell against the monster though.

It takes him two more tries before he finally gets it though, just narrowly avoiding getting attacked by his target.]
Gan Bolg!

[Not that it was much help. He lets out a frustrated sound at that and proceeds to just hit him with his fan, folding it close and whacking it until it disappears.

Right, that was yet another embarrassing experience.]

All right. Let's try this again! Perhaps I should start with my left this time.

[Hopefully, no one witnessed his less than impressive moves.]
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(no subject)

[Yuuta's sitting on the edge of the fountain beside Takeshi. The two of them have their heads put together and it seems like they're studying something that Takeshi is holding. If anyone were to walk by, they might overhear the two of them talking amongst themselves.]

See, here, it was different for me. I went home after this point and stayed there for awhile before turning up here again.

[Takeshi frowns, puzzled.] Really? I wonder why that didn’t happen to me. I’d like to have gone home, too. I’m worried about Sumire-chan...

[He trails off for a moment, then points at the one of the notes he’d been taking on his Relic. It might be nonsense to some, but it would definitely make sense to people who’ve been in The World before.] Oh, you find this weird too, right? This is the last place I remember going, but I can’t seem to access Lumina Cloth anymore!

Yeah, I noticed that too! [Yuuta taps his chin as he thinks.] I wonder what made the World change like that so suddenly. The BBS disappeared too. I kinda miss that.

I miss it too. It was way easier to contact people with the BBS for parties and dungeon crawling and events... [Takeshi sighs and his shoulders slump down, looking like he’d been dumped by the girl he loved the most (which he’d really rather not happen, actually).]

I talked to one of the GMs, though. Kain. He said there was something like budget cuts and company... things that happened. Couldn’t get more than that from him, though.

[Yuuta frowns. He guesses that would make sense although the timing is still bugging him a little.] By the way, did your levels get cut too or was that just me because I went home?

Mine got cut too! I was almost 10 the last time, but then it got cut in half. [He notes this down. The list just keeps getting longer and... messier; Takeshi wasn’t very organized and his notes on the difference between the first version and this one was all over the place.] At least it’s pretty easy to get them back. I’m almost 20 this time.

[The state of the notes is actually getting on Yuuta’s nerves. He’s naturally neat and organized so it’s easy to see why but despite his giant want to fix them, he tries to ignore it.] I guess ‘cause we’re used to it by now. If you think about it, we’ve been here ages.

Ugh, don’t remind me! I already feel like a grandpa, and I’m just 20!

03 Idle Meteor

[Along the harbor area of Mac Anu is Ryusei, sitting down on the edge of the bay quietly enjoying a small meal. Though that being said, he doesn't seem to really be eating, his food is practically untouched.

He stares into the sunset, his mind elsewhere. He would occasionally look down at the water watching the waves distort his reflection or he takes out his relic then sighs.

Perhaps he is in need of some company, or maybe, a good shove into the sea. You decide.]
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Second Shot

[There is a Steam Gunner who may or may not look familiar hanging around Mac Anu today. Really, it's more like she's just gazing in the distance while she eats a small meal - some fruit and water purchased from a nearby store. It's not a whole lot, but it's enough to fill her and give her the energy she needs to do some more level grinding.

While it does look like she has some things on her mind, she's not exactly exuding her usual "don't come near" aura. In fact, given her tendency to be out in the dungeons more often than not, now might be the perfect time to chat her up a bit.

That, or try to prank her while she's not looking. Whatever floats your boat really.

Soup's on, but who's cooking it?

[After a productive day out in the fields earning money, Roy heads back down the streets of Mac Anu, his arms laden with sacks and piled high with -- groceries. Did he really expect to eat them all by himself? Of course not -- he had guild members to feed!]

[But the fighter Edge Punisher had a faint frown on his face as he made his way carefully to the @Home...]

I hope someone can figure out some way to cook all of this...

Guild the Lily

[A very pleased-looking Roy Greenhilt steps out of the @Home doors in Mac Anu. He quite deliberately tucks his membership card into his inventory, then sets out for the Town Square.]

[If you know him, he won't hesitant to approach -- and if you don't, you're welcome to approach him anyway.]

[Once he gets to the Town Square, though, that's when things take an odd turn. From his inventory, he produces a fake beard, an eyepatch, an oversized helmet that casts his face into shadow, a billowing cloak that completely covers his body, and a bag that actually has "CAUTION: CONTENTS EXTREMELY MYSTERIOUS" written on the side. Quickly donning the clothing and accessories, he slings the bag over his shoulder, then produces a cane to lean on heavily.]

[Roy learned long ago that the key to attracting fellow adventurers is to look as much like an important NPC questgiver as possible.]

[And it is time to recruit for his guild.]

02 Wandering Meteor (Hidden Eternity's Two Wings)

[If you went to "Hidden Eternity's Two Wings", you'd be greeted by a beautiful sunset and grasslands bathed in golden light. The water looks like melted gold as it reflects the light, the rhythmic sounds of the waves as they crash on the shore, and the warm breeze embracing you. If you close your eyes and listen, you would hear the sounds of combat in the distance. Upon further investigation, you would find Ryusei fighting a group of goblins by himself. He seems to have taken some damage, but his foes aren't fairing too well either.

Will you help him, or watch and see how things unfold?]

Fattening Corpse's Weed Eater

[Anyone who decides to go to this cave? May end up finding one very frustrated student council member. Never mind that he's lost, he's been ending up with random enemy encounters, enough to tire him out faster than he liked. That, and no matter how many times he uses Tsubaki explosion, for some reason it never seems as strong as he remembered.

And who the hell designed this place?!]

Just where is the exit of this place?!

[OOC: Sob I hope I am doing this right.]
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[there's an edge punisher leaning against the wall at the big room where the chaos gate is. his weapon is a large broadsword literally larger than he is.

the redhead isn't doing anything, just watching the giant ring of the chaos gate spin. maybe he's waiting for someone.

or something.

who knows.]


[ John stammered back. An almost lightness to his step. The flick reaper armor was much too big for him and he looked displaced and awkward in it. He was trying to sort things out. John moved in animated and almost cartoon like motions as he paced (he wished he could float) nervously. His steps a little too wide, his arms swinging a little too widely. Think John, think. ]

[ He does a quart turn. A fist turned side wards slammed into an open palm when he figures it out. ]

I'm in the wrong video game!


It...seemed like a good idea at the time.

[So after getting the "Where is this, who are you, what is going on?" out of his system, Dirk Strider was purposefully and boldly exploring Mac Anu and was...kind of bemused by the fact that the city wasn't done up in purple and black.

...just saying.

He had ended up at the harbor and there he paused in his wan- purposeful exploring, as...you know what's incredibly distracting? Actually only having one self (at least for the time being) that he was aware of. Also the clothes. Also the fact that he still had no idea what the hell was going on, and, more importantly, what was happening with Roxy.

There was a certain irony in him spacing out just as badly as he did when he had multiple selves to juggle, one which was lost on the guy as he was spacing out, brooding.]


[Yeah, this was getting him nowhere. (And shit, the lack of purple really was throwing him off.) That was when he shook his head slightly, turned to the nearest person, and said:]


[So verbose.]
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First Shot

[There is yet another new and confused face wandering around Mac Anu today. This time, it is a petite Steam Gunner. Currently her attention is split multiple ways; sometimes she is checking her Relic with a look of frustration, others she is looking intently at her surroundings as if it may clue her in on some big secret. And on some occasions, she will stare directly at your character, almost expectantly. At any rate, it is clear she will not be the first to approach, so that will be up to the other to initiate.

However… once approached, she is quick to fire off a question before any pleasantries can so much as begin.

Where is this place? It isn’t GGO… But it can’t be SAO, either.

…Is it?

[Her voice is calm with only a slight tinge of suppressed fear. Whatever it is she’s saying, it must be some cause for concern. Why else would someone work so hard to control the tremors in their voice?]