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05.14.2012 - 01 Hope
hoperaider: (Confused dot com)
[It's very disconcerting when one moment you're talking to a figment of your imagination and then suddenly being somewhere else entirely. Jake stands there dumbly for a moment, quite confused at what just happened. He gets over it long enough to get out of the way of the whatever behind him, since there seems to be a bit of traffic here! Jeez, he's never seen so many people in one place like this before.]

Oh for the love of Christ, now what?

[Dammit, he had been in a somewhat important discussion with the Dirk from his memory! Oh, well. First thing to do is to gather information, so he approaches the first friendly person he sees. He'll get excited about being in a new place in a little bit. Right now, it just seems like more Dream Bubble Bullshit, although he certainly doesn't remember anything at all like this occurring before.]

Excuse me, chap! Might I have a word? [He will continue on regardless of the answer. Jake is determined to get information, gosh darn it!]

I think I've gotten myself lost or something. [Jake chuckles a little sheepishly.] This place certainly doesn't look familiar to me, and it seems that my original clothes have been, erm, replaced. Is that normal around here?
05.20.2012 - 01 Meteor Descends
minetodecide: (Ryusei - shocked/confused)
[In the main square of Mac Anu, another lost and confused soul wondering around. He couldn't help but stare at every beast-race that passed him, every item he saw, everything! It was all new and foreign to him. He appeared to be an Adept Rouge, though he didn't exactly dress the part.

His eyes dart from shop to shop, person to person, house to house. He's too confused to really start talking to anyone right now, not until he relaxes which might take a while.]

(W-w-where the hell am I?? Humans with animal ears? It looks to realistic to be a costume.....How did I get here?? I remember class ending....then I went over to the Rabbit Hutch, opened the door then.........then......I wound up here?)

[His thoughts are in shambles, and his memory is blurry. He rubs his head with both hands.]

Just what's going on???
05.10.2012 - The Second Ideal
solveforn: (☯ Cherry red)
[Lately, N can be seen at the Chaos Gate, warping in an out regularly. He appears to not be staying long in Mac Anu, and if he is, it is to simply resupply before he goes to a new area.

He hasn't been speaking to anyone as of late, and has not been forming a party as he visits areas. He certainly has plenty of Member Addresses at this point, so what could he be doing all by himself?

Nevertheless, he will not turn down anyone who wishes to join him on a trip to a field.]
04.28.2012 - 001.
volcanic: (Default)
[ After being here for a while and keeping a low profile, Iceland hs finally gotten bored enough to try The Wonderful World of Soloing. Well, he really just wanted a change of pace from the eternal twilight of Mac Anu, but the problem of being a low level Cleric presented itself pretty quickly after he made it out to the field. Because he really can't defeat monsters by himself.

However, being the stubborn guy that he is, he pushed on anyway, skirting around areas with enemies-- and for that matter, players. Any time he saw a party or real soloers, Iceland just went the other way. This is embarrassing, but again, he's stubborn and doesn't want to go back to town right away. He'll enjoy this nice scenery for a bit! By which I mean, find a spot to sit down and look rather put out about being a class where his only strength is helping others, and not himself.

Alas, his life is so hard.

But since he's out here, and maybe you're out here too-- approach: yes/no? ]
04.16.2012 - 01.
blamesfate: (pic#2921880)
[Following his encounter with Roy at the Easter event, Kratos has sequested himself in the quietest corner of Mac Ainu's harbour he can find. With one hand, he flicks through each of the menu options on his Relic, attentively studying each one before moving on to the next. Between the thumb and forefinger of his other hand, he rolls a small object back and forth without paying it an apparent mind.

After some time, he lifts his attention from the Relic and stares out in the direction of the ever-present sunset, mouth set in a firm line.]

04.14.2012 - one ✶
uwawa: (hold on to your boots-- and your head)
[ Uh oh, looks like Viki's having a sneezing fit. Cue appearing and disappearing repeatedly, teleporting from one warp point to another in no particular order. Yes, all the warp points. ]

W-wa--no...not a--

Atchoo! [ there she goes again. ]

Atchoo! [ and again. ]

Atchoo! [ and again-- oh wait, nothing happened this time. Until there's a small rain of potted plants landing around her. ]

...oops. Ooh...I hope I didn't catch a cold. [ because that would be Very Bad. for the safety of other human beings. ]
04.07.2012 - 1st
lavenderglasses: (♠uguu etc.)
[well, aside from a few small conversations that discussed possible theories, nothing here has really been adequately explained. and he tired of the celebration by the fountain pretty quickly and instead took to exploring mac anu, only to discover that there is no exit. nothing but a dock with a ship that refused to take him anywhere.

which, besides just being bad planning -- how does a city function with no land routes available and only one boat? -- strikes him as incredibly suspicious. it's better than being locked up somewhere, maybe, but dropped off in an inescapable, unfamiliar city seems like someone's idea of a cruel joke, dying of exposure or starvation in the middle of a city.

and he probably could starve, given he passed up everything at the celebration back there. who wakes up in a strange place and unquestioningly eats what's offered? the hunger is bothering him a little, but more important is probably finding somewhere to stay. so saralegui is making another trip around the city, on a search for shelter this time.

for such a decently-sized city, however, there seems to be a bizarre lack of ways into all these buildings. what few doors he's passed are all locked to him, often with strange noises coming from inside. worst comes to worst, he could probably go back into the room they all woke up in before, but there has to be something better in this place somewhere, right? somewhere that trustworthy food could also be obtained, if he was lucky.

for the moment, however, he's sitting down in the shade of a building by the docks, tired of walking and unable to even tell how much time has passed. he looks a little torn between exhaustion and keeping up his guard, warily watching a group of players chatting nearby even as he leans against his knees with fatigue. feel like helping out a clueless and technology-inept trap? even knowledge of the warp points around the city would be useful, at this point.]

04.03.2012 - The First Ideal
solveforn: (☯ Calculation)
[Where most people are frantically out and about, trying to find out where they were and what was going on, a strange green-haired boy was sitting on the fountain, inspecting the "relic" he was given.

As he stares, it's clearly more than the curious gaze of the common person. In his mind, he is deconstructing the object, observing how it fits together, what elements make it function. He carefully moves the wire around, seeing how securely it was placed, then dabs his finger on the exhaust pipe to gauge temperature.]


[The observation is almost involuntarily expressed, as N isn't apparently looking for anyone to speak to him about it. He runs his fingers over the seams, wondering if it was fit into place or welded. In a very swift and train of thought mutter,]

This shouldn't work.
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