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06.30.2012 - ♭ NOTE 02
noisyclockhands: (Default)
[ Some days start out kind of bizarre, some days stay kind of normal

needless to say that bizarre is pretty much the default here, but it can always be upped a bit, right? Not that there is need to worry, the extra weird today is mostly harmless!

When you walk around the town you'll see different posters pinned to buildings, walls, trees? maybe even trees. Also: to people's backs, because someone has no shame.

They look like regular wanted posters really, or as regular as it gets here. There is a text ('Tulip Killer, not all that dangerous! Needs to be caught as soon as possible' or 'Lost Puppy, not properly house-trained yet. Would be happy to have him returned to us!'), a probably unfamiliar member address as well as a self-drawn picture above that. Amusingly enough, both types of posters show the same thing: a pretty boy with smooth features and light-shaded hair.

The likeness is easily good enough to recognise one (1) Hope Estheim for those who know him.

So, what will you do? Ping that number? catch Oz while he is pinning a poster to something/someone/you? ask him how he keeps those things to actually stay stuck?

or be sane and walk away from this nonsense ]
06.13.2012 - ♞ 001
doggedness: (☁ aloof)
[Roberto will tell you what he does not remember doing: changing clothes, going into a Gateway to another world, somehow obtaining new clothes and a weapon? And the device in one hand blinking a cheerful touch me up at him is not helping improve his mood any.

He’s tried circling around the Chaos Gate for some time now, staring at it, thinking that it somewhat resembles a Gateway but. He’s already tried walking closer, into it, and nothing’s happened. Does he have to find a Wanderer in this world or something? (It does not even occur to him to use the relic, of course. He is suspicious.) His eyebrows are furrowed with deep displeasure and there’s a scowl fixed on his face.

He shoves the relic in a pocket and goes about exiting the building wherein the Chaos Gate is contained. He stares at the city and the landscape before him, frowns some more, and heads toward the bridge. Either way, whether it be just outside the building, the bridge, or in the square of Mac Anu itself, you may find yourself victim to a jarring]

Hey, you! [because what are manners when you have questions.]
greatcleavage: (confused)
[After a productive day out in the fields earning money, Roy heads back down the streets of Mac Anu, his arms laden with sacks and piled high with -- groceries. Did he really expect to eat them all by himself? Of course not -- he had guild members to feed!]

[But the fighter Edge Punisher had a faint frown on his face as he made his way carefully to the @Home...]

I hope someone can figure out some way to cook all of this...
05.30.2012 - ❂ -oo2
glassworkgenius: (no way!)
Mac Anu's resident sunny Harvest Cleric kid has been wandering about even more than usual today. He had a determined look on his face, and spedwalk to and from various stores.

A. [Maybe you're just around the area, or inside the store? While Taiyou smiled and thanked the merchant NPC's for their assistance, he looked pretty disappointed once he got out the door. What exactly is he looking for so fervently?]

B. [Some hours later, he's sitting at the fountain, fumbling with what seems to be cloth and a length of rope. He's trying to tie the cloth up, but why? His concentration is so strong he doesn't notice anyone staring or approaching.]

C. [Even later later(!!!) before you can see it coming a ball of cloth is flying through the air at your general direction. (Don't worry, it probably won't hurt very much on the offchance you get hit. Let's just hope for Taiyou's sake the person who gets hit isn't pissy...)]

minetodecide: (Ryusei - I'm so badass)
[If you went to "Hidden Eternity's Two Wings", you'd be greeted by a beautiful sunset and grasslands bathed in golden light. The water looks like melted gold as it reflects the light, the rhythmic sounds of the waves as they crash on the shore, and the warm breeze embracing you. If you close your eyes and listen, you would hear the sounds of combat in the distance. Upon further investigation, you would find Ryusei fighting a group of goblins by himself. He seems to have taken some damage, but his foes aren't fairing too well either.

Will you help him, or watch and see how things unfold?]
05.14.2012 - First Rose ❀
confelicitous: (Disbelief)
[Mac Anu certainly has been busy lately with all the confused people running around, and Euphie has been no exception. She's wandered out of the Chaos Gate already, head looking every which way for anyone she might recognize. But the more she looks, the more distressed she looks.

The fashions weren't anything she recognized from Japan or Britannia. Hell, that giant hat on her head isn't anything she owns. And the people and peculiar creatures wandering around...

This Princess ain't in Kansas anymore.

It isn't until she's reached the center square that she decides to reach out to someone. Anyone. Wishing desperately that Suzaku or even her brother were here.]

Excuse me. I'm sorry, but I can just have a minute of your time?

05.10.2012 - The Second Ideal
solveforn: (☯ Cherry red)
[Lately, N can be seen at the Chaos Gate, warping in an out regularly. He appears to not be staying long in Mac Anu, and if he is, it is to simply resupply before he goes to a new area.

He hasn't been speaking to anyone as of late, and has not been forming a party as he visits areas. He certainly has plenty of Member Addresses at this point, so what could he be doing all by himself?

Nevertheless, he will not turn down anyone who wishes to join him on a trip to a field.]
05.08.2012 - ➹second flight
shiningascent: <user site="dreamwidth.org" user="kuiper""> (roller coaster through the atmosphere)
So... bored...

[Life is tough when you haven't got a Goddess telling you what to do all the time. Not that it wasn't tough before, but now it's tough and kind of dull to the point of Pit lying in the middle of town. On his face. Bored to death, one might say.


Just gonna lie here.]
04.22.2012 - ♭ Note 01
noisyclockhands: (yellow ♭ Say its time to leave)
[ Today, when you look around you you'll see -- eyes.

No need to be concerned, this isn't a splatter-movie, really! And there are only two but they are rather big. and curious. and very, very green. Seems someone is peering intently out at the world here while sitting on a grate]
Oh~! It really is working, that's great!

[ the eyes are on the Relic now and the ear-piece he's just managed to fumble into his ears. There's a decidedly broad grin on that face and the short legs are kicking the air. ]

It's good that I believed the Mister who told me about this - thing. Even though it seemed really odd, you know? [ a finger tapping his chin here ]

In any case, does anyone know what this place is? I can't remember how I arrived here or why. It's really annoying if this happens all the time...

I guess some of you will tell me that going back home will be impossible~?
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