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07.27.2012 - second;
lookslikemomo: (pic#3938847)
This is--

This is--!!

[so. he glitched out for a few weeks and now? he's respawned in Lumina Cloth.

Lumina Cloth.

it wasn't there yet when he glitched out, so now he's in utter shock (and excitement, he just hasn't realized it yet) and staring at the city by one of the warp points.]

[BBS;text (sometime in the evening)]


ooc; hi i'm back; will slowly get to old tags ;u;
07.26.2012 - Third Shot
tank_sniper: (ITEM > Hecate II)
[Shinon is up to her usual level grinding! But this time she's armed with a new weapon. To fully test it out within the restraints of The World, she can be found in a couple of different situations.]


[Maybe you just spotted that group of monsters and were about to go in for the kill. Or maybe you were just enjoying the scenery - it is a lovely day out in this area, after all.

Either way, that group of monsters? The biggest of them just got a large hole blown into its head, even though there doesn't seem to be anybody nearby to make the attack. Before long, the remaining two follow suit.

Those who are observant may be able to trace the shots to a small figure on a different island, armed with a sniper rifle nearly as long as she is tall. Want to go investigate?


[While she's still carrying that same weapon along with her, she seems to have paused in an empty area for the moment. It's hard to say whether she's just resting, thinking, or both. Now would be a great time to catch her for the curious or talkative, though!]
06.30.2012 - ♭ NOTE 02
noisyclockhands: (Default)
[ Some days start out kind of bizarre, some days stay kind of normal

needless to say that bizarre is pretty much the default here, but it can always be upped a bit, right? Not that there is need to worry, the extra weird today is mostly harmless!

When you walk around the town you'll see different posters pinned to buildings, walls, trees? maybe even trees. Also: to people's backs, because someone has no shame.

They look like regular wanted posters really, or as regular as it gets here. There is a text ('Tulip Killer, not all that dangerous! Needs to be caught as soon as possible' or 'Lost Puppy, not properly house-trained yet. Would be happy to have him returned to us!'), a probably unfamiliar member address as well as a self-drawn picture above that. Amusingly enough, both types of posters show the same thing: a pretty boy with smooth features and light-shaded hair.

The likeness is easily good enough to recognise one (1) Hope Estheim for those who know him.

So, what will you do? Ping that number? catch Oz while he is pinning a poster to something/someone/you? ask him how he keeps those things to actually stay stuck?

or be sane and walk away from this nonsense ]
06.17.2012 - 01 Rock
sinkslikearock: (Fuck this I'm outtie)
[At first, Toph just freezes where she is. Everything has drastically changed. She not only feels this, but she can hear it, too. There are more people around, the earth isn't the same as the Temple her friends were staying at.

A market place, maybe? But how did she get here? Toph frowns, not at all amused by this turn of events. Sheesh, they finally get somewhere with the whole Firebending training thing, and now this happens?

Never a dull moment for a member of Team Avatar.

Toph feels off, though. The girl frowns, and tries to Earthbend something. It doesn't work, and it's not only frustrating, but worrisome. Great, now how is she going to fight? She still has her Seismic Sense, so not all of her bending is gone, but….

She needs information, that much is a given. Toph just hopes that she's in somewhat friendly territory.]

Hey! [To make sure they know she's talking to them, she reaches out to tap their arm or shoulder, but the latter may be harder to do since she's pretty short for a 12-year-old.] Yeah, you, the person I just tapped. Do you mind telling me where I am and how the heck I got here?

Oh, yeah, and before I completely forget, why isn't my Earthbending working? Seriously, what kind of place doesn't allow bending?

[Such a sweet little girl, isn't she?]
06.17.2012 - One Cupcake
stubbornskeptic: (Nail biting)
[Jane tiptoes around the gate, eyeing it like it’s about to jump out and attack her. With all her ties to her various allies (and potential murderers) cut, she’s feeling a little off-kilter. Whether this is the thing that brought her here or the thing that will get her out, she doesn’t feel like jumping into it will have any bearing on her tight-assery. After all, it’d be just ludicrous to jump headfirst into it when she doesn't know what it does.

Unless her dad’s in there.

Oh shit, what if her dad’s in there?!

Jane grips her cheeks (the ones on her face, geez!), groaning a little. Whatever is she meant to do now?]
06.13.2012 - two.
brightfuture: (♧ battle)
[ The area for today's show is Beloved Past's Paradise! While you can spot low-level monsters prancing around here and there, it appears to be an otherwise peaceful place, even if a bit cold. Excellent for training if you don't feel too confident about your abilities. ]

[ scenarios: ]

[ There is something unusual about this little fighter.

Honestly, what's the matter with these spells? Although elemental in nature, they do not resemble those of a Shadow Warlock at all... not to mention their user appears rather distraught about their strength - or lack thereof. While the sparks of fire and lightning might seem impressive, they do little damage to approaching enemies... whoops. And to think that they worked so well back in his world...! ]


[ Sit down and watch this desperate Harvest Cleric deny his class allegiance, or - if you're so kind, join him in his struggle against goblins. Your pick! ]

[ And should you find yourself wounded, worry not! Here's a sneaky Cure spell going your way, because Repth is so overrated. It's not nearly as effective as the original spells of The World, but the thought counts, right? ]
05.30.2012 - ❂ -oo2
glassworkgenius: (no way!)
Mac Anu's resident sunny Harvest Cleric kid has been wandering about even more than usual today. He had a determined look on his face, and spedwalk to and from various stores.

A. [Maybe you're just around the area, or inside the store? While Taiyou smiled and thanked the merchant NPC's for their assistance, he looked pretty disappointed once he got out the door. What exactly is he looking for so fervently?]

B. [Some hours later, he's sitting at the fountain, fumbling with what seems to be cloth and a length of rope. He's trying to tie the cloth up, but why? His concentration is so strong he doesn't notice anyone staring or approaching.]

C. [Even later later(!!!) before you can see it coming a ball of cloth is flying through the air at your general direction. (Don't worry, it probably won't hurt very much on the offchance you get hit. Let's just hope for Taiyou's sake the person who gets hit isn't pissy...)]

coolness: (fuck harvest clerics)
[ So a quarter is stuck into the slot and the game is reset. That much is a given. But the game itself..

.. well, it took a turn for the strange. For one, it wasn't just him roaming through the lands filled with monsters. It's bustling with people; NPCs, Dave imagines. He'd walk around aimlessly for a good hour to catch his bearings, completely oblivious to the weird looks he gets along the way. It takes a while, but he finally realizes his clothes are.. different. Fuck the pajamas, the Game Masters said. You're going to wear something straight out of Sailor fucking Moon.

After a few good minutes of losing his shit with everyone bearing witness, he realizes that he can pull this off with the finesse only befitting of a Strider. ]

Now if only I figure out how to exchange this oversized wand.

[ This is when someone other than a NPC should look at him weird and decide to tell him he's stuck with the stave. ]
05.16.2012 - eins.
stupidshinji: (♛ can't even cry)
[ It takes awhile, getting used to light again, when the last thing Asuka remembers is a dark sky and an even darker sea, sand beneath her back and a wide-eyed Shinji staring at her. But she doesn't awaken to his face, but rather a slew of unfamiliar ones, coming and going, coming and going. She blinks a few times, sits up and instinctively presses a hand to her forehead. Dizzy. She gives herself a few more minutes before trying to rise. Everything is unsteady. Everything is unfamiliar.

She already hates it.

Once she's (relatively) certain of her footing, she hobbles upright, loose bandages wound around her head and arms shifting. Tries to ascertain where she's been taken. She opens her mouth to speak, but no words come out. Her throat feels hoarse. Everything is still fresh in her mind. Unit 02...

Her attention is immediately drawn to the bright ring in the corner of the room, and without even thinking, she steps through it. The world disappears in a flash, replaced by a bustling city. She should be surprised, but isn't. Too tired to care. Dully, her one good eye crawls to the friendly sign posted in front of her. ]

Mac Anu, huh?

[ Answers. That's what she needs. So the next unfortunate soul is getting tripped from behind with an insistent boot shoved into their back as soon as they hit the ground. ]

Hey, you. You're going to answer a few questions for me, got it?

[ She sounds like she means business. Probably not a good idea to argue. ]
miraculousfate: (Sadness ☼ All Puppy Eyes And Innocent)
[Know that moment when you're pretty sure you were just one place, and now you're in a completely different one? And you have no idea where that new place is, but you're pretty sure you're lost? Vanille is having that moment right now.

Which is why there's one perky red head, wandering around Mac Anu, venturing down by the docks and exploring the town square. She doesn't seem to be in a hurry, but she does seem to be enjoying the nice weather. And if she does happen to see a friendly face, she'll stop and ask them for where she is, and maybe for some information.

And every once in a while, she'll stop, cup her hands over her mouth, and call out a name, usually a different one each time, but all of them just as loud, and at least every other one is Fang.

Someone help the poor lost girl before someone mistakes her for a mental patient?]
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