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coolness: (fuck harvest clerics)
[ So a quarter is stuck into the slot and the game is reset. That much is a given. But the game itself..

.. well, it took a turn for the strange. For one, it wasn't just him roaming through the lands filled with monsters. It's bustling with people; NPCs, Dave imagines. He'd walk around aimlessly for a good hour to catch his bearings, completely oblivious to the weird looks he gets along the way. It takes a while, but he finally realizes his clothes are.. different. Fuck the pajamas, the Game Masters said. You're going to wear something straight out of Sailor fucking Moon.

After a few good minutes of losing his shit with everyone bearing witness, he realizes that he can pull this off with the finesse only befitting of a Strider. ]

Now if only I figure out how to exchange this oversized wand.

[ This is when someone other than a NPC should look at him weird and decide to tell him he's stuck with the stave. ]
knitwit: (damned)
[ Ah, another game and another chance to lose. It was all tugging at Rose Lalonde's cloaked collar; an obvious weight that nearly caused the collected and refined girl to lose her cool. As she had traversed through Mac Anu, learning as much as she could and memorizing the intricate pathways leading to each specific shop, she continued to seek out more.

At the very most, Rose refused to be 'lost' here.

Tugging her over sized book upon a thin silk strap against her shoulder, the pale girl continues onward. A moment or two passed until her bright eyes landed upon the docked ship.

She would glance around, seek an answer for a question she hadn't even asked yet. With a soft clear of her voice, among the few strangers that lurked the area, she spoke. ]

Pardon me for the intrusion, but does anyone have a clue of if this ship is set to sail or is it merely a decorative piece?

[ She noticed the rust upon the spikes that dug into the chain links which held the ship in place. It looked as if it hadn't left the dock in quite sometime. ]

Or at the very least, where it leads to on its voyage?

[ Curiosity killed the cat, it seemed, or perhaps it would give it some proper closure or allies. ]
05.14.2012 - 01. The Pirate
ladieswhodresslikemen: (Default)
[In a less-in-the-way spot in the city, there was one more person that had no idea what was going on. And yet, it didn't seem like they were confused, either.]

[So she'd fallen through the Interdimensional Rift into another world entirely. Into a city that definitely had some sort of fascination with water, although quite possibly not as much as Walse.]

[But the different clothes and sudden lack of anything valuable?]

[No true pirate could stand for that. At least this had happened after saving all of existence.]

[Approach the ambiguously-gendered captain?]
05.14.2012 - First Rose ❀
confelicitous: (Disbelief)
[Mac Anu certainly has been busy lately with all the confused people running around, and Euphie has been no exception. She's wandered out of the Chaos Gate already, head looking every which way for anyone she might recognize. But the more she looks, the more distressed she looks.

The fashions weren't anything she recognized from Japan or Britannia. Hell, that giant hat on her head isn't anything she owns. And the people and peculiar creatures wandering around...

This Princess ain't in Kansas anymore.

It isn't until she's reached the center square that she decides to reach out to someone. Anyone. Wishing desperately that Suzaku or even her brother were here.]

Excuse me. I'm sorry, but I can just have a minute of your time?

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