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05.14.2012 - 01 Hope
hoperaider: (Confused dot com)
[It's very disconcerting when one moment you're talking to a figment of your imagination and then suddenly being somewhere else entirely. Jake stands there dumbly for a moment, quite confused at what just happened. He gets over it long enough to get out of the way of the whatever behind him, since there seems to be a bit of traffic here! Jeez, he's never seen so many people in one place like this before.]

Oh for the love of Christ, now what?

[Dammit, he had been in a somewhat important discussion with the Dirk from his memory! Oh, well. First thing to do is to gather information, so he approaches the first friendly person he sees. He'll get excited about being in a new place in a little bit. Right now, it just seems like more Dream Bubble Bullshit, although he certainly doesn't remember anything at all like this occurring before.]

Excuse me, chap! Might I have a word? [He will continue on regardless of the answer. Jake is determined to get information, gosh darn it!]

I think I've gotten myself lost or something. [Jake chuckles a little sheepishly.] This place certainly doesn't look familiar to me, and it seems that my original clothes have been, erm, replaced. Is that normal around here?
05.20.2012 - 01 Meteor Descends
minetodecide: (Ryusei - shocked/confused)
[In the main square of Mac Anu, another lost and confused soul wondering around. He couldn't help but stare at every beast-race that passed him, every item he saw, everything! It was all new and foreign to him. He appeared to be an Adept Rouge, though he didn't exactly dress the part.

His eyes dart from shop to shop, person to person, house to house. He's too confused to really start talking to anyone right now, not until he relaxes which might take a while.]

(W-w-where the hell am I?? Humans with animal ears? It looks to realistic to be a costume.....How did I get here?? I remember class ending....then I went over to the Rabbit Hutch, opened the door then.........then......I wound up here?)

[His thoughts are in shambles, and his memory is blurry. He rubs his head with both hands.]

Just what's going on???
04.29.2012 - 2nd
wowwhataloser: (97)
[You might notice Kariya yelling at one of the NPCs, his face pretty red from frustration. He looked like he was about to explode, to be honest. If you get closer, you can hear him say things on the lines of "Will you answer the question I actually asked you???"

After a few more minutes of this, he throws his hands up in the air and storms off.

I wouldn't get in his way if I were you, he's pretty pissed off!]
04.22.2012 - ♩ one.
adarable: (♮♩)
[ There is a girl in the middle of Mac Anu's square who looks a little bit confused. Every so often, her large hat begins to slide off her head, and she has to adjust it again. She has her Relic in hand, and although she's learned to use it properly, she still. Really doesn't understand anything that's going on. Periodically, she looks in different directions before glancing away, as if she wants to ask someone what's going on but is too nervous to.

Help her? ]
04.11.2012 - the fool.
inhearts: (zero.)
[ Note: Backdated to before the Easter event!

It can be anywhere, really. Maybe in a field, in a dungeon -- or even in a more desolated part of town.

Minako's standing still; sometimes in a neutral position, sometimes not. Her eyes are closed and one hand is placed on top of her heart. She's concentrating, or trying to. You can hear her verbally going 'hmm' or 'mmm' as she's trying -- trying to do something. Sometimes she shouts (but never in town), sometimes she speaks softly, but you can hear it if you come close enough: ]


[ Whatever she's trying to do, she doesn't succeed. It's probably obvious by the way she opens her eyes and sighs heavily. If she's near a wall, she leans on it. If she isn't, she settles down on the grass or floor, looking at her hands rather unhappily. Engrossed in her predicament, she won't notice anyone until they move close enough or make a sound.

And after a small break, you can be sure she's going to try it again. ]
04.04.2012 - First Mist
doingthemistything: (9)
[So for the past few minutes, all Kirino's really done is stand in place to try and mess around with his Relic, seeing what sort of things were available on it. He doesn't really get half of it, but he keeps looking anyway.]

This is so weird... Ugh, I don't have time for stuff like this, I've got important things waiting back home...! [He gives up and puts away the relic. He rubs his temples, trying his best to not look frustrated.]

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