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☆ミLevel 1 Mask Shine

[Seeing absolutely no change in strength or his levels (according to his Relic anyway) from constant fighting, Meta Knight has been spending a lot of his time in Mac Anu, sitting on the highest possible object around, watching people.

It seems as if he's searching, as certain colors will gain his immediate attention, particularly pink, red, and blue.

If you do happen to make eye contact with him, he'll look away, but after a while, he'll look again.]
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[Several stories below, Marth can't help but feel a sudden chill...

maybe it's just his imagination.]
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[It's a circlet! A perfectly respectable circlet!

From a distance, Marth only really catches the 'Prince' bit, and starts looking about in quiet confusion.

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[WHOA wasn't expecting a masked man to drop out of the sky, but then nothing much was surprising Marth in a world like this. Startling, though, was a pretty accurate term]

P-- Pardon? Prince who...?
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[Were it part of this somehow, Marth would be a little concerned.]

It's quite alright, I've done the same to someone else here as well.

[he offers a sheepish little smile]
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Unfortunately, no... One can always hope, though. And in the meantime, it's an opportunity to connect with more people.

[Marth holds out a hand.]

My name is Marth, by the way. My apologies for not introducing myself sooner.
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The galaxy, you say? [Marth's eyes widen slightly] It's amazing the kinds of people you can meet in a place like this. That said, it's a pleasure to make your accquaintance, Sir Meta Knight.
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[Blue? It's probably lighter than you're looking for, but who could possibly miss blue hair? You gotta have blue hair.]

[Mia hadn't even thought to look up. She's just walking around town.]
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[ Ada is actually rather fond of those three colors - and as luck would have it, she is wearing blue.

When she first notices Meta Knight, she wonders if she was actually mistaken - but when he looks again, she knows she isn't, and approaches him then. ]

.. ah.. Hello?
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[ smiles... ]

.. Is there, ah, something you need.. ?
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I see .. !

[ pause.. ]

Would you like some company?
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[ She smiles, before looking at the task in front of her. After a few moments, she starts to ... climb ? To reach Meta Knight's spot.

Pray she does not fall. ]
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A, ah .. thank you!

[ She sits down, flattening her outfit out of habit - although it wasn't really necessary. Afterwards, she turns to look at Meta Knight, her hand lifting pretend corners of her skirt to make a sitting-curtsy. ]

I am Ada Vessalius. It is a pleasure to meet you, Mister Knight .. !
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Just a few days.

[ ahh, what a cute bow :> ]

And you, Mister Knight?

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