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takeshi ([personal profile] lookslikemomo) wrote in [community profile] holyrelic 2012-10-16 04:46 am (UTC)

[There's something to be said about being bros in this-- game?--after a few years(???) of being in it together. Kind of. But it's really probably just Takeshi's puppy senses tingling, and it's a good thing he hasn't stepped into the Chaos Gate soon after the message popped up, too, because he knows distress when he sees it.

So he'll just sit down with Yuuta at the fountain and stare at the entrance to the Gate and be quiet until either of them maybe gets tired of the silence and speaks up.

Truthfully? He's scared of going back. There were too many what-ifs swimming in his head to be rational about this.

So. There. He'll just sit next to Yuuta, the person he's known the longest in his stay in The World, and probably the best little brother he'll never have back home.]


[Yeah, no, he's not good at keeping quiet when there's obviously sad things trying to manifest themselves in the air.]

Kind of weird to see this day finally happening, huh?

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