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✎ Puzzle 001

[Action for Mac Anu]

[Hugging his grimoire to his chest, Clive wanders aimlessly about the unfamiliar city, taking in all the sights. Although he is rather overwhelmed by the unexpected change in location (and attire), he has to admit that this is a very beautiful city. He's never seen anything like it in his entire life.]

It beats being stuck in a prison cell, at least...

[He lets out a sigh and looks around for a bench to sit on; carrying this giant book around gets tiring really quickly. Once he's seated, he sets his grimoire down beside him and digs out a strange device from his pouch. Whatever it's supposed to be, he's rather impressed with the sleek design. Clive spends a few minutes just examining the object before he presses his index finger on the "Touch me!" message on the screen. To his surprise, the screen actually changes to show some sort of menu. It seems that touching the corresponding icons also takes him to different screens.]

What a fascinating little piece of technology. I never would have even imagined that it was possible to build such a device.

[Until he figures out what he should do next, Clive is perfectly content with just sitting here and messing around with the Relic. Touch screen technology hasn't been invented yet in his world, so he'll be entertained by it for quite a while. Anyone is free to bother him, of course.]


[Once he discovers the public board feature, he decides to post a very simple message, which... actually takes him some time to type out because what are touch screen keyboards.]

Could someone explain to me what's going on here?
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This town is called 'The Eternal City, Mac Anu'. Apparently, the sun is always setting here...

[Really, Layton's just relieved that this isn't the angry, bitter Clive he saw in that massive machine]

But look at me go one when you're exhausted, let's get you someplace where you can rest first. This conversation can continue when you're not dead on your feet, as it were.
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... [there's a small smile as he enters the inn, greets the man behind the desk and heads towards the room he's staying in]

You can take the bed tonight; I daresay that you need it more than I do. We can worry about sleeping arrangements later, when we have more resources on hand.

Would you like some tea?
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[Layton shakes his head before taking a seat next to Clive. He pauses a moment before resting a hand gently on the younger man's forehead. It was a reassuring gesture, one he's done for Flora and Luke before...]

Then you might as well rest up. Tea and puzzles can wait for another day.