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o2 ♊ missing file

[in Lumina Cloth]

[a spiky haired Flick Reaper is wandering around Lumina Cloth, slipping in and out of the audience in the stadium. He keeps going back to his Relic]

Dammit-- Where the hell did you go?

[it sounds like he's found some semblance of mental stability though. He doesn't have that slasher smile on his face, for one, and Prometheus isn't yelling at everyone. To anyone who's never interacted with him, Prometheus seemed almost like any other player!]

... [there's a frustrated groan as he mutters to himself ('I hate doing this') with a hand over his face. Looking up again, he walks towards a random stranger before asking]

Have you seen my sister around? Quiet, green hair, red eyes, the same tattoo on her forehead as me.
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[He's raising a brow under that mask.

But no one can see that, so he just shrugs.]

I've never seen you around so I assumed you were new.
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[He shrugs.]

They tend to be.