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05 Burn on, Shooting Star

["Sneering Black Metal Doll" those are the area words. Here the land is dark, the water is still, the wind howls in the night. It's strange, almost eerie. The monsters that walk around are now stay in groups, only staying in one place. The presence of danger grips is carried by the wind but at the same time, the presence of an ally.

If one looks up they'll see all the stars in the sky piercing the night and among them, an unusual blue star darting from one end of the field to the other. Sometimes it comes down and after a while, it takes off back to the sky.]

[ A ) While you explore this area, you stumble across a small group of players that was finished off by some PKer's. While they relish their hunt, the blue star in the sky crashes down infront of them. The force of the explosion knocking them off their feet. In it's wake, a a strange person covered head to toe in armor.]

"Kamen Rider...Meteor. Your fate, is mine to decide."

[B ) If you weren't around for the first, then you should find the same group of PKer's running away from someone. Their path was to take them right to the chaos gate but too bad for them, he was already ahead of them, waiting.]

"About time. I hope you're prepared."
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[And as they're running, one gets taken out by a headshot.

Three guesses who it is and the first two don't count. However, she's not quite as far away this time; if they start in her direction, she'll have to switch to her bayonet instead.
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Re: B

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[Not for long, he doesn't. Much like the first, a precisely aimed head shot brings him down immediately.

She pauses to reload, although she doesn't approach. If anything, she's warily watching him to see what he'll do next.
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[Odd. He almost sounds like...

She relaxes very slightly, but not enough that she can't easily return to sniping if she has to.

It's not a problem. Are you a PKK?
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[She gives a nod, frowning rather.]

I thought I heard people fighting, so I came to investigate. I was too slow in switching weapons, though.
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You're planning to solo it?

[Not that she can really talk since she had the same plan... But she's walking along in the same direction nonetheless.]
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...And you think I'll just stand by and watch?

[She quickens her pace, attempting to catch up.]
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Got it.

[As he flies off, she takes up sniping position at the bridge connecting the islands. As she peers into the scope, she does a quick calculation of the wind and distance before firing. The shot flies straight for the dragon's head, precise as ever.]
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[Well, if it's glowing at it's throat, maybe it's time to shoot it there.]

Hey, watch out!
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[One shot to the dragon's throat, as ordered. Even if it weren't from a rifle designed to take out vehicles, it probably would have hurt quite a lot.