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o2; text

so the bbs is finally back! it sure took them long enough to get it up and running but at least we have it again (^∇^) looks like things are starting to get back to normal around here! maybe they'll even give us flash mail next.

(hopefully hopefully)

by the way, anybody get any ideas on the anon post?
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testing testing

oh hey, it does work (what's this about a flashmail now?)

as for anony... your guess = good as mine. puzzles aren't my special skill
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Yuutaaaaaaaaaa, so helpful ;v;

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['so I guess that makes it the email function. Ngh, computer terms'] cool. thanks for the heads up

which was that? [attention span of a gnat]
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... well done. /golf clap

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sounds like a fetch quest to me. maybe it has something to do with fields
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So they had these functions before? Is flash mail supposed to be a personal e-mail or a whisper function?

I've solved a few of the hints so far. Which one are you on?
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3 is the fragment one, right? So wouldn't it make sense to check a field with fragment pieces?
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It was nothing. Good luck.
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which hint are you stuck on?
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oh, i'm stuck on that one too. i guess we'll have to put our heads together to solve this one.

maybe both of us could go searching in different field areas? it'll be quicker.
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sounds like a plan, and we can gain a few levels as a plus.

i'm shirou. nice to meet you. :)

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This place keeps on being amazing! The relics even manage to translate what we write to each other!!

How far are you along? I'm good with games and riddles, if you need any assistance..?
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Yes, but it does make me curious! I would really like to know how they work now...I mean, even more than before!

Oh, that is good! There are lots of marvellous people in this place! Say....
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It's even more amazing if you consider that it can use different letters! Two of the people I know use a language that seems to function very differently from mine.

That's it, there! I thought it might have been a mistake added that on purpose, did you not

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Was it down for long? I just got back (if you could call it that) so I guess I'm not up to speed with things yet. (=`ェ´=)
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you're telling me! I thought it was one of those training-exhaustion dreams again but I guess not. Weird being back still
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My soccer coach is a scary scary woman (=^・ェ・^=)

it's nice but I miss the guys at home, yknow??