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02. The Fire-Powered Motorcycle

[An item appeared in Faris' inventory with some fanfare. She had, luckily for her, won that raffle from the other night and had received the spoils.

When she retrieved it, it turned out to be a loud, large motorcycle-like vehicle. However, she has not seen a motorcycle in her life. Ancient Egyptian Ronkan laser beams she could handle. Not this.

Having figured that maybe she could ride it, she got on and immediately started going way too fast. Mac Anu is a small city so it's only a matter of time before she runs into something... or someone.

In short, there is now a purple-haired androgyne barreling at you at high speed. What do?

(Yes, "hitch a ride" is a valid and hilarious option. Please do!)]
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[Sollux, along with everyone else, heard the engine running before it even got anywhere near him. He hadn't seen very many machines like that before, but it was heading directly for him and also had a very pointy bit on the front -- so the obvious course of action would be to get out of the way. This Sollux does. His instinct was to levitate himself out of the way with his psionics; but because they were so weak (and he so unused to this), the Shadow Warlock only succeeded in half-jumping, half-flying out of the motorcycle's path.]

[And directly into some convenient sacks of flour.]

[Fortunately, they didn't burst, but Sollux responded to the whole event in a manner typical to him: screaming insults as loud as he could until the other person gets their just desserts.]
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[Perhaps unsurprisingly, Roy's reaction is to draw his greatsword, eyes fixed on the beast instead of the person on its back.]

Whatever that is, rein it in!
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[Ha! Roy's much higher level than that! Also he is a hero who has to stop depredations and chaos. He steps up to deliver a blow with the flat of his sword to the beast to subdue it--]

[and then it's not entirely certain what happened outside of a comical sound effect, but the swordsman finds himself clinging to the seat behind Faris as the steam bike continues on, entirely unabated by his swing.]

I feel like I should have seen this coming.
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Futile hope that today I would wake up and my life would not be a comedic farce.
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So, do you normally fail Ride checks for mechanized beasts, or is today a special adventure?

[That's a casual question. Roy has reached a point in his life where futilely clinging with one hand to a seat on a hurtling vehicle doesn't faze him, and that says something unhappy about his life choice.]
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[Of course, Roy's position on the seat -- or rather, his one hand's position on it -- is a lot more tentative. Zipping around that turn means he's scrabbling for a new grip with his other hand.]

[ may have ended up grabbing something it shouldn't have. And Roy may be slightly clearer on Faris's gender.]

[Needless to say he quickly grabs for the seat proper instead, while contemplating whether he ought to just let go as the less painful option.]
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Sorry! Sorry! Completely unintentional!

[Roy is pretty horrified himself.]
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Trust me, I already had an entire side-quest devoted to me learning respect and courtesy towards women. Now I'm just a comedic chew-toy for a cheap laugh.
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If I yell, "get some control over this contraption", does that mean you suddenly start steering it perfectly?
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Somewhat less so to the guy who's three fingers away from a horrible death. On that note, any hope of getting this under control?

[He's remarkably blase about the whole thing, mainly because he doesn't actually expect to die, and this IS just his luck.]
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[Which means Roy has a comical few moments as he finds himself running on the ground to keep his feet from dragging.]

I have never before and will never again regret not taking the Run feat, but I suppose there's a first for everything...
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I'll see what I can do.

[Switching from resigned to determined in an instant, Roy seizes the bike with his other hand, grits his teeth, then slams his feet down hard to brace against the bike's momentum.]
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So, are you going to be all right if I manage to let go? Because I would feel bad if I do and you slam into a wall or something.
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[Huh. Well, he has to give her points for confidence. He can respect that.]

Good luck, then. Come back around sometime when you figure it out, I'd like to see it the way it's supposed to be.

[He releases his grip, running alongside it for a moment before he starts to slow down and be outstripped.]
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[... Well, that wasn't something you see everyday.] Faris?!

[Moving out of the way of that metal monstrosity then.]
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Let her down, beast! [Brb chasing after now that he's not in immediate danger.]
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[Well, that could be a problem then.] Just what is that thing?! [Wonder if using fire magic would be a good thing against it?]
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[Damn you cramped streets of Mac Anu! By the time he spotted Faris she was just about to mow him down. Luckily for him, his reaction time is fast and his feet even faster but how long can he try to outrun a bike?]

Brakes! Pull on the brakes! Hurry!
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[This bumper is awfully comfy...IF HE WERE DEAD! Ryusei holds on for dear life as they blaze through Mac Anu.]

I'll do it!

[He grabs hold of the brake handle and squeezes. The comes to a sudden halt, launching Ryusei into a bunch of crates.

Totally not his day.]
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[He kicks off a crate that was resting on him and stands up. He's haunched over, rubbing his now aching body.]

You don't know how to drive that?
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Hey, watch it!! You're gonna kill somebody with that thing!!

[You'd think the guy would be more concerned with having a huge bike hurtling towards him, but Genda just braces himself and raises his arms. If the rider wasn't going to stop it... then he'd just have to do it for them]