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04 Crashing Meteor (Roaring Gambler's Cat's Eye)

[Should you find yourself in a temple dungeon, you find either;

A) Ryusei leaning on the wall next to the entrance of the first room from the chaos gate, battered, bruised, tired, and about to pass out.


B) Somewhere around the second floor, you would find him fending off a small pack of these guys


C) You'll see him at the third floor, going to the fourth, in a pretty bad shape.

Why did he go to some place where he'll probably get himself killed? Training, a rare item, cause he felt like it, who knows? You'll have to ask.]
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[there's really no reason why Link should be here other than the fact that he had pressed 'random' on the Chaos Gate. So when he comes across the bruised and battered Adept Rogue, Link couldn't help but be surprised.

He rushes to the other player's side immediately to check on their health. Crouched next to Ryusei, Link places a hand on his shoulder before shaking him lightly in an 'are you all right?' gesture. Was this person even awake?]
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[Link considers the other man for a moment before going to his Relic to pull out a health drink. Have an offered healing item, Ryusei! Link isn't yet aware that you can purchase Repth at one of the stores]
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[there's a relieved look on Link's face when Ryusei stands up. He takes the other man's hand but then frown slightly. What a strange name-]

Ryusei? [... Link's accent is clearly that of a foreigner. Slightly off pronunciation away! But he lets go of his hand before asking;]

What were you doing unprepared? [/worried]
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[Link's ears twitch when he hears that Ryusei had gone up to the third floor and back. Goddesses, that must have been some group of enemies...

Looking between the floor ahead and the Gate behind them, Link raises a hand to his chest before asking]
Do you need a hand?

[it'll probably be easier to traverse if there were two people working together]
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[Okay, so his levels had gone down. He was effectively alone, and all the items he remembered earning had gone 'poof'.

Not a problem, though! After all, this could just turn out to be some elaborate recurring dream brought on by training too hard for next year's Football Frontier, right?


In any case, Genda's only a little discouraged by the higher level of this dungeon- til he sees somebody way worse for wear just by the entrance.]

Oi-- Hey! You okay over there?!
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Hey, take it easy...!

[He'll let this guy support himself on his jacket, if he needs it. Steadying the other boy as best he can with one hand, while he takes out a healing item to offer with the other.]

This should help. Lots of monsters in there, huh?
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[Shinon has only just started in the dungeon, hoping to do some more quality level grinding. She certainly wasn't expecting to see someone injured right at the entrance.]

What the- Hey, are you okay?!
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[Fuuuuu jogging over to help him up.]

What happened to you? Did you try to take on this place by yourself?
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You idiot-! You're lucky you were able to make it back in one piece.

Here. If we can get you back to the Root Town, you should recover your health.

[Gonna offer her shoulder for him to lean on.]
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Close to what? Something other than dying, I hope?
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[She tilts her head questioningly.]

You mean because of the level 20 lock? What is it?
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[Well now you've got her attention.]

...Only you, or do you think it could get the rest of us out as well?
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[...It's a very small chance. Minuscule, really. But it's better than nothing. She sighs and retrieves a couple of potions from her inventory, using them both to heal Ryusei's wounds.]

I'll party with you while you level grind. It's no good if you just end up dying out there.
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[Asad had been feeling up to a little bit of training, especially since he's been doing nothing productive the past few weeks. However, the moment he reaches the dungeon, he had to pause immediately at the sight of Ryusei. He vaguely remembered him from one meeting, but that was something he could worry about later. The bruises were far more alarming.]

What happened to you? [And as he says that, he'll be digging for a potion for him.]
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[Once he is close enough, he tries to uncap the potion, looking around for said enemies.]

Do you think you would be able to drink this? It may restore some energy.
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[Shirou had picked this particular area for level grinding, and had been planning to scout the area a bit before inviting party members, but the sight of a person on the ground threw all of those thoughts out of his mind. He rushed over to the downed man.]

Hey! Are you okay??