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⨇ 001

[There's a rather petite Shadow Warlock wandering Mac Anu today. Poor little cutie, she almost seems lost... or looking for something. It's hard to tell how she's feeling exactly if feeling anything at all.

Perhaps all she needs is a little assistance. From you, maybe?~]
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[Prometheus was chilling up on the roofs when he noticed the sight of a familiar puffy hat. With a grin that would have turned anyone's blood to ice, he jumps from ledge to ledge until he lands directly behind her]

There you are.
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Yeah. I suppose it's better than- [his lips pull back into a snarl at the memory] Whatever.

How are your stats?
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So you had the same treatment. [a scoff] Looks like this place likes to jerk us around as much as that damn old man.

[... a smile]

But it looks like the people here aren't that much different from before either.

[implication; Time to start scouting for PK prey]
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You say that like you miss them. [he's wearing something different too, but he's not the type to complain about something as mundane as fashion]

Investigating. Ha. Well, we'll have to find someone to party with first, huh?
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[a shrug. Sorry sis]

Or about as close to it as we're going to get. Ready to go?
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[well then, off we go to find some kiddies to make miserable. Awww yes]
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[Oh hello there, unfamiliar face. Asad looks at her curiously, guessing after a while that well--- she might be lost.]

Oh hello there. Are you looking for something?
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[It takes a moment for him to register what she says with some surprise.]

Do you mean the town itself?