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Hidden Eternity's Two Wings

[Up for leveling up in a grassy field? So was Asad, especially since training hard is also a requirement for a soldier even if he was stuck here.

Though he couldn't quite say the same about dancing, which is what he was attempting now. Dancing. In the middle of a field. It was sad how he keeps messing up before he could actually finish a spell against the monster though.

It takes him two more tries before he finally gets it though, just narrowly avoiding getting attacked by his target.]
Gan Bolg!

[Not that it was much help. He lets out a frustrated sound at that and proceeds to just hit him with his fan, folding it close and whacking it until it disappears.

Right, that was yet another embarrassing experience.]

All right. Let's try this again! Perhaps I should start with my left this time.

[Hopefully, no one witnessed his less than impressive moves.]
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[oops too late. someone's in the field too, and he definitely saw those moves.]

You should definitely move your hips more.
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Long enough to watch you Dance! [he flashes Asad with a V-sign.] Is this your first time Dancing?
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That's one way of getting the hang of it. But if you want, I could teach you! [can't let a fellow Macabre Dancer struggle after all!]
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Nah! When I first came here, a Macabre Dancer also taught me the basics. I guess I'm just following in his steps.

[and then a sheepish smile-] Also, payback for dragging you around Mac Anu that time. I still feel silly for thinking you were talking about a quest, haha!
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... [Roberto's probably.

The last person you wanted for an audience, Asad.

But here he is. Staring. No words need to be said to describe this look, the look speaks for itself.]
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[Roberto just kind of eyes him for a few moments...]

A few minutes ago. [...] What are you even doing?
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—a skill set. Right.

[Roberto totally believes you, Asad!]

Well, don't let me interrupt your... [...] "Practising".

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[And here is a protag trying his best not to make a sound as he stifles his laughter from behind the poor Macabre Dancer.

It's not quite working.]
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[Still kind of laughing, but he'll try to answer Asad.]

You need some dance lessons.
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I've seen worse, don't worry.

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[...Well darn. She was hoping to have an entire field to clear on her own.

...Though that's a pretty interesting dance he's got going, so she'll take a break and lean against a tree to watch.
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[Her lip is curled ever so slightly upwards. If she didn't have such self-control, she would probably be laughing right about now.]

Having trouble?
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...A few minutes.

[Let's go with that. She'll take a few steps closer for ease of communication.]

You're one of those dancer classes... Macabre Dancer?

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