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[Yuuta's sitting on the edge of the fountain beside Takeshi. The two of them have their heads put together and it seems like they're studying something that Takeshi is holding. If anyone were to walk by, they might overhear the two of them talking amongst themselves.]

See, here, it was different for me. I went home after this point and stayed there for awhile before turning up here again.

[Takeshi frowns, puzzled.] Really? I wonder why that didn’t happen to me. I’d like to have gone home, too. I’m worried about Sumire-chan...

[He trails off for a moment, then points at the one of the notes he’d been taking on his Relic. It might be nonsense to some, but it would definitely make sense to people who’ve been in The World before.] Oh, you find this weird too, right? This is the last place I remember going, but I can’t seem to access Lumina Cloth anymore!

Yeah, I noticed that too! [Yuuta taps his chin as he thinks.] I wonder what made the World change like that so suddenly. The BBS disappeared too. I kinda miss that.

I miss it too. It was way easier to contact people with the BBS for parties and dungeon crawling and events... [Takeshi sighs and his shoulders slump down, looking like he’d been dumped by the girl he loved the most (which he’d really rather not happen, actually).]

I talked to one of the GMs, though. Kain. He said there was something like budget cuts and company... things that happened. Couldn’t get more than that from him, though.

[Yuuta frowns. He guesses that would make sense although the timing is still bugging him a little.] By the way, did your levels get cut too or was that just me because I went home?

Mine got cut too! I was almost 10 the last time, but then it got cut in half. [He notes this down. The list just keeps getting longer and... messier; Takeshi wasn’t very organized and his notes on the difference between the first version and this one was all over the place.] At least it’s pretty easy to get them back. I’m almost 20 this time.

[The state of the notes is actually getting on Yuuta’s nerves. He’s naturally neat and organized so it’s easy to see why but despite his giant want to fix them, he tries to ignore it.] I guess ‘cause we’re used to it by now. If you think about it, we’ve been here ages.

Ugh, don’t remind me! I already feel like a grandpa, and I’m just 20!
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[He hadn't really meant to eavesdrop. Really. It was uncouth and irresponsible to listen in on other people's conversations, and he had meant to walk away as soon as possible. However, he couldn't help but pause at what they were saying, something unusual and downright different from what he's been told about this place so far.

It's enough to make him forget what little manners he does possess and approach them instead.]

You two. Can I ask you something?
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[takeshi blinks up at tsubaki for a moment before looking back at yuuta, then back at tsubaki.

and he can't help but grin.]

Well, you already asked a question.
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[He blinks in surprise at the reply, wanting to quip back before shaking his head. Ah, well he had a point, even if it was a little embarrassing to him.

Still, there was something much more important at the moment to address.]

Just what were you two talking about? I've never heard of anything about levels being cut before.
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Oh... You probably wouldn't. It's your first time here, right?

Yuuta and I have been here longer, but things've been a little different lately!
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Ah, yes, that would be correct. I arrived here a few weeks ago.

[He then turns to Yuuta.] Did less of them arrive before?
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Could always be the aliens, since there doesn't seem to be any other explanation.
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[... The what?] This place has aliens?
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[Oh what's up.]

Takeshi Gouda... What more do you know of this issue? I was not aware something like that had taken place.

[And him not knowing something is kind of getting him in an odd mood.]
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[he looks up at the mention of his name and ohhh it's al saiduq!]

Al Saiduq! [he still stumbles over the pronunciation oops.] Um... issue? Which one? [he looks down at his notes. there's quite a few of those "issues"]
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The things that are missing from The World. When did they disappear?
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Two months ago sounds about right. [Takeshi nods, mulling over the details in his head again.]

's really weird too, 'cause the calendars probably got reset. Last thing I remember, it was Christmas, and then it was suddenly the middle of spring!
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There could be any number of explanations for that. Perhaps the few months in between did indeed pass and you have no recollection of them. Or perhaps it is as you say and the flow of time here was disrupted.

Either would not be unreasonable to grasp.
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Or it was the aliens. [While he's still unsure of the whole thing, he's going to stick by his personal belief that aliens are why they're here, and aliens are why people disappear. And that the GMs are secretly aliens.]

But if those months did pass, why can't I remember? ...A virus, maybe?
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[She was mostly minding her own business, but she can't help but overhear part of their conversation. Wait a minute...]

You went home?
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...You don't remember how to get back, do you.

[Hiroto had said as much earlier, and she's pretty certain if this kid knew, he wouldn't exactly be here.]
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I figured.


...What was it like, going back?
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Someone else told me the same thing, but I could hardly believe it... So as long as we wait long enough, we'll be able to get back like nothing happened?


That really makes all of this seem even more pointless.
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[taking this opportunity to interject--] Yuuta was able to come back, though, but some people don't. Like Spin.