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[Usually Shirou would have thought about this long ago. However, between the very odd world that he was in, and the fact that somehow a week had disappeared in the blink of an eye, literally, it had taken him about a month or so before the thought of level grinding occurred to him. He had been busily spending most of his time beforehand exploring the town, fields and dungeons and understanding the leveling system and weapons.

Now armed with a fairly good understanding of the leveling system, it was time to actually gain some levels. He wanted to reach level 20 as soon as possible so he could access his cell phone and check the status of his demons and abilities. There was a slight problem though... The Shadow Warlock class was magic based, and he probably didn't have the Repel Physical skill equipped, so if he went alone, things would get nasty fast. He would have to find some party members to grind with.

Today, you may be approached by the blue eyed Shadow Warlock, who was going around asking everyone the same question.]

Would you like to join me in level grinding?
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[As if that would work at this level. Even Al's just limited to Zio and Amrita at this point. If he linked himself to Shirou's phone...

Oh. Speaking of.]

I shall, if that is all right with you.

[It's more the "join you" part that pings him than "level grinding".]
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As if you would be

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I have found that they have been greatly weakened.

[Wednesday did not count. That was hardly a battle.]
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[She'd begun to get a grasp on what her "level" meant, but...]

...what does that mean?
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Sure, I'll help you! There wouldn't be much point if you got hurt...

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Raising levels? I will.

[N has gotten fairly used to going out in the areas, after all! That's where he spends most of his time.]

Any mind for what sort of area you would like to go to?
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Level 12, Blade Brandier.

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I am so sorry....

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[ blinking. then, a small smile. ] ... well, that's certainly one way of picking someone up.
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[ ........ well. his smile widens. without missing a beat-- ] Do you usually sweet-talk like this, or am I just special?


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AHAHAH dying--

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[Oh. It's him.]

A simple message would have been enough.
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Regardless, I'll join.

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[It's been kind of a long day already for her.]

What now?
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Sure, why not.

[She gets levels, she gets Excalibur back. And the crystal shards.

And her pendant.]

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Oh! That sounds like fun, it does! I certainly need the levels...
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Level one Edge Punisher... [She's a little sheepish at the first part, but she brightens up a little afterwards.] I'll try my best to not be a burden, though!

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[Well, that's a surprising request.] Of course. Did you need assistance in the dungeons?

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please excuse my incredible lateness

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[ oh! ]

I would be happy to! [ she is just a Harvest Cleric, but she will try her best *^*9 ]

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