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◎ Act 1

[in the room where the Chaos Gate is situated crouches a young, blue Twin Blade. He's far enough to one side to be out of the way, but not enough to be easily ignored. See, Sonic liked to be at the center of attention, it feeds that ego of his and well... He just liked to be social whenever fancy struck him.

What he didn't like was the idea of not being able to defend himself.

The fact that he was still a low level Twin Blade certainly did not help with the whole 'independent' thing. Which has led him to the boy crouching by himself moaning about the indignity of it all]

AAAAAAAUGH! I'm not made for RPGs! I can't do this level thing, got knocked out by a goblin. A MOOK! How does that even happen?? I've taken down giant death robots, angry water Gods, gigantic lasers, more killer robots and even more angry Gods and what happens?

[he throws his hands up in the air in exasperation. A few NPCs take this as a cue to exit the stage] A stupid Goblin knocks me out for an hour!




Then Sonic just covers his face with his hands with a whine, ears folded against his head in embarrassment. In a small, muffled voice;]

I'm sorry, I promise to never do this RPG thing again now can I please go back to being able to beat things up just by jumping on them?

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